Sunday, August 24, 2008

Note to teh Fans

The url for this site is in my former married name as well as the name given me by the Zendiks when I was a kid. This site was where I first found my voice and attempted to use my privilege to stop the targeting of human beings based on their skin tone.

It gave me an outlet. I followed Nancy's advice to create a platform and become an expert in one's field and it kind of pissed some people off.

I could have earned a master's degree with all the time and effort I put into all this but instead I have a blog and learned to overcome fear of pissing people off.

I still go on, I think.

My Fiance calls me Cindy and so do all my new friends in New York. I have way less guilt today (even though when I began LFC I would've claimed I had none then) and can laugh about how much I really don't give a rat's ass about much other than my life. And still, deeper down, there's a way that I am "too good for this world" (LOL a quote from a friend who told me this) and care waay too much.

Anyway, find my new blog with the url

Hope this helps clear up any confusion to my multitudes of readers across the globe. Thank you all. *grins*

Editors Note: Rawprincess Studio and Skylight Massage are the two active sites at this time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your ex-husband. A small minded person like you who labels GOOD people bigots without getting both sides of a story deserves to be sad and alone. You are as guilty od closed mindedness as those you rake over the coals.

8:59 PM PST  

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