Friday, August 01, 2008

New Blog Site

A note I opened this morning...
"I feel like I have grown so much since I have known you in part due to our committment to one another's re-emergence."

Thank you to those who have encouraged me to keep going. In order to end racism and be there for each other, the listening-exchange and emotional work is key.

I have decided, that of all the doors I have recently closed, the project between myself and M.-- and her encouragement as well as others, such as my son--is how I've decided to open the LFC blog at its own site--Listening for Change. Yay!

She doesn't want to stop our commitment and what we are trying to do, but says that she doesn't think that it will work if I quit having sessions (read cocounseling).

I am quitting cocounseling and my relationship with M will likely suffer, but, I think the blog is my outlet as I do the work through other venues. And, in part, in the spirit of Barack Obama's presidential campaign, and keeping the dream alive, I will continue to do my very best.

Feb 11, 2009 Editor's note: I think I changed this post once right after I wrote it, I said at first that I was not quitting cocounseling. Then I changed it said I was quitting cocounseling. I shouldn't really even be referring to cocounseling at all! Except now I'm changing the quitting to not quitting. :-) Yes, I've not quit it.

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