Sunday, November 18, 2007

Genocide Cover-Up Recipes

Every TV channel has these oh-so happy chefs showing us how to make turkey their way. Every magazine is chirping about short-cuts and solutions for the holidays ...

Just in case things get real busy next week, I want to take a minute now--and each day really--to remember that this land belongs to Native Americans. And by living here I am actually benefitting from the genocide of Native Americans.

I went to a report back a few months ago from a workshop called Allies to Native Americans and the Native woman who led it (who asks not to be named due to fear of being visible) pointed out that even if racism ends today, it wouldn't affect Indians here because they are and have been targeted by genocide which is different than racism.

And she said that everyone here who wasn't orignally descended from the Indians who occupied this land before Columbus showed up, everyone benefits by genocide of Native peoples by living here. It was mentioned by the African-heritage speaker that possibly those who were brought here forceably don't agree with that statement but that it is definitely worth thinking about.

I don't actually know what the next step is after daily remembering and reminding whoever one is with that this land is Native American property. But I figure that if we keep remembering instead of forgetting that we are all benefitting from the genocide and attempted complete genocide of Indian folks, then there's a good chance we will be informed of what needs to happen next.

Along those lines, I was asked by my Shoshone-Bannock/Yaqui Indian counselor to ... meet and get close to as many Native Americans as you can ...

One of the first things she had me do was attend a Pow Wow. And shut up and quietly serve her and the other women lunch. I'm due for some more of that kind of personal growth.

So, some folks I've seen around town, KBOO specifically, are calling it Genocide Cover-up day and not Thanksgiving at all! I see the value in that.

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Blogger Dark Daughta said...

I got a few weird transmissions from feminists sharing recipes and I was like: Wha? That's so wrong!
I appreciate you writing this.
I'm hoping you don't mind if I share a link to this on my blog.
In terms of that place of conflict between Native recipients of land theft and murderous genocide & Black colonized settler recipients of body snatching, forced work and murderous genocide I have a piece i wrote that hasn't really been picked up cuz I've pissed off some really influential people with the questions I ask. 's my job...asking questions, not pissing people off. In any case, if you're interested in reading it, you're more than welcome to it.

7:48 PM PST  
Blogger Dark Daughta said...

And thanks for writing the mess rather than making it look all neat and tidy.

7:48 PM PST  
Blogger Miss Sea said...

Thank you. I got to take a peek at your blog last night and am looking forward to reading it more.

I'm glad to be linked to -- just not online as much these days ... Really nice to hear from you. Thanks again.

6:24 AM PST  

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