Thursday, October 04, 2007


After two years of traveling ten times back and forth to Boulder Colorado from Portland, Oregon, I have received my certificate of completion of class hours from Colorado School of Energy Studies.

While there I received feedback on how I impacted those around me which I took as vital to digest and learn from towards my passion for eliminating racism. The insights staff shared with me will also serve me well in relationships with my children and in my professional practice, no doubt.

Perhaps blogging will take a higher priority once I finish the remaining homework assignments to finish with a 700-hour certificate. Meanwhile, one day at a time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're a very hurtful person. You only look at one side of a story not borrowing to even ask for details when you THINK someone is wrong. You are a huge dissapointment. I pity you.

9:23 PM PDT  
Blogger Miss Sea said...

Thanks for your comment. Maybe we can talk when you're ready.

5:23 PM PDT  

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