Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pro-human or Anti-racist?

Earlier in the week B.G. and I had been talking. I mentioned the term hippy. She said she is not hippy. That there are no more hippies. She thinks of herself as neo-primitive. I thought some people of color might not like a white woman calling herself that. But looking at B.G. and knowing her as I do, it did seem an apt description.

She won't buy corporate products only things organic and sustainably produced--on a shoestring budget--and still manages to eat raw foods. She has these large earrings which go through her ears like I think of as African. She tones and chants and howls and walks everywhere. Also attends community concerts, etc etc. She also uses internet and public transportation ...

Tonight we were walking back from the co-op and a Native American guy on the street asked us for money. I said no but B.G. said if you're hungry come on and I'll buy you some food. So we all began walking together. He asked us, "Are you aborigines?" I laughed and said, "She is. I'm just a white girl." But B.G. said aborigines are from Australia ...

Later in the store, I walked past B.G. putting her hand over his heart area. He said his name is Arapahoe and that's all he would say. I heard her say earnestly, "... and then white people came and messed things up ..." as I was walking by. I enjoyed hearing someone like B.G. who is not specifically part of an "anti-racism activist" community relate to this Indian man and connect with him in what I think was a beautiful and sincere way.

I didn't think turning down his choice of ice cream or then suggesting that he visit his sister in Montana was something I would have done because it was "presumptuous" in my "cultural competency" training book. But I had to let go and step back and watch and see how he felt about her approach--not presume it myself. :) (I know, wierd huh.) His eyes were shining and I could see a heart connection was happening between us three, led by B.G.'s brilliance and love.

Outside, when we were parting ways he told us his sister's spiritual name. This is a story without a point. Only an everyday interaction. B.G. is a young adult who is pro-human. Last night she advocated that anything "anti" is full of conflict. The fact that I have joined the anti-racism movement has been highly confusing for me and yes, seemingly full of spite and competition.

She is used to no one listening to her because she is young she says. This is young people's oppression. I'm listening. It makes sense. To be pro-human liberation pro-something sounds right.

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Blogger mixedchick said...

Hi Sea, Glad to see you're still doing your thing! I'm no longer on About (race relations), but I've moved here to blogspot and am writing more freely on the things I THINK matter!! Come visit sometime:


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