Thursday, March 15, 2007

Racism is a mind-fu*k psyche-out ...

Yes, racism is a mind-fu*k psyche-out which infects the minds of folks in every group.

White privilege is the soul rip-off which we participate in each day as white folks whether we like it or not, whether we can see it, admit to it or not. And the white have-nots among us have the privilege anyway, whether we're loaded or not.

So, the task is not so much to end the mind-fu*k though that is ultimately important. But to end the white privilege.

That's what I'm told by the higher ups, i.e. those who know because they are targeted by oppression due to the detail of the color of their skin being dark, or just having the "wrong" heritage.

They don't care so much that they're dealing with me -- a white mind-fu*ked blonde woman know-it-all -- they just care that they are fu*ked in society by racist structures in government and institutions.

So, don't have to work so hard to be "good" white folk as we do to speak up and keep putting foot down, get to back of line, check privilege at door, pull it out of the white knapsack of privilege.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your continued good-sense and bold anti-racist stance. As an African-American male in the midst of a mixed-race relationship, it warms my heart and strengthens my resolve to continue to wage peace and struggle for social justice issues!

Rock on!


10:46 AM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...


Thanks for your encouraging words as well. Glad to hear the blog or the post has inspired you and possibly let you know that there are people who care about you and about setting up the world differently.


9:22 PM PDT  
Blogger Carmen said...

Dear Sea,

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Thank you in advance,


2:04 PM PDT  
Blogger -=Topper=- said...

Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone in your thinking out here in the blogasphere Miss Sea.

I have had my own thoughts on the subject of race relations in the United States.

Understanding white previlege is great. Also understanding that reverse discrimination is a crock of shit is important as well.

I have said that racial discrimination was perpetrated against blacks and not by them, and in that not up to them to fix.

It is up to white people to fix, you and I and others I know are well under way. The ones that talk of a utopian society where race doesn't matter and utter "I don't see color" are the ones as we check our selves, need also to be checked. Sure they want utopia but little of the responcibility to make it happen.

You know in showing other whites the error of our ways, I and others have been called racist. AGAINST WHITES! Nutty isn't it?

Keep this up Sea is all I can say.


2:58 PM PDT  

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