Saturday, March 31, 2007

Officer Gets Time for Emil Mann Shooting

An anonymous reader tipped me that the officer who shot Emil Mann, Ramapough Mountain Indian, who was killed during his birthday celebration last April, is now doing time.

A Bergen County grand jury indicted a New Jersey State Park Police officer yesterday on a charge of reckless manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a member of the Ramapough Mountain Indians last April that caused outrage among the tribe.

The officer, Chad Walder, 36, faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted in the killing of Emil Mann, 45, of Monroe, N.Y., during a confrontation over the use of all-terrain vehicles on public land.

Mr. Mann was shot twice on April 1 during a birthday celebration, and died of his injuries nine days later.

The Ramapoughs, who make up a mountain community that straddles the New York border, often have picnics and ride vehicles in the woods near Ringwood State Park, where the officer was based. The shooting led Gov. Jon S. Corzine to form a special committee on Native American community affairs in August.

Walder's lawyer still trying to say Walder's life was endangered just turns my stomache. Yeah, right. If you come in a place day after day hostile with these heavy prejudices and resentment that a people are using their own rightful land to hang out on, you're going to create some intense negative energy. But to say his life was in danger is disgusting.

I had written a bit at the time about how being shot at my own birthday was the least of my worries even if I was drunken and shouting profanities ... this wouldn't be of pertinent interest to a blog on ending racism would it?

Editor's Note: And here is the Ramapough Website sent by same anonymous tipper. Blessings!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an idiot, plain and simple

9:37 AM PDT  
Anonymous A. GIbbs said...

How can you not agree the Officer's life is in danger when someone is assaulting him and trying to take his weapon? What do you think the departed was going to do with it, go squirrel hunting? If you try to take an Officer's gun, that shows a clear intent to kill that Officer or another person. That Officer is justified in using deadly force to stop your attack, this is a proper use-of-force response taught in every police academy in this country. This tactic has saved the lives of countless Officers & Civilians over the years.

I'm sure you've never worked in Law Enforcement, so I'll put in plain and simple: When you're a cop, if you lose a fight - you die. Always fight to win, and live to fight another day. Remember, we're the good guys doing a job to protect you, and we have just as much right to go home and see our families as anyone. It's unfortunate Mr. Mann put himself in this position by attacking Officer Calder, but at the end of the day he made the wrong decision and had to face the consequences.

9:40 AM PDT  
Blogger cindy said...

@A Gibbs
Where is your info that the officer's life was in danger?

Mr Mann was unarmed. Where do you get the info that Mr Mann was trying to remove Officer Calder's weapon?

Thank you for your comment.

9:54 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy, the officer was found "NOT GUILTY" by a jury of his peers (i.e. working people who pay taxes).

2:14 PM PDT  
Anonymous generic cialis 20mg said...

Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple

3:23 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ A Gibbs

First of all. Mr. Mann WAS unarmed and There was no way that he would have ever went against an officer, An your simply making it seem like he had it coming. Let me do you a favor and drop some knowledge your way.. When you have seen first hand the resentment and unfair tactics that you so called" Police" use on the people that live around that area you would be singing a different tune. Also You want to say "You cops are the good guys doing a job to protect you" If thats the case why is that you can be put in jail just by your last name. OH i forgot they don't tell of that, They don't tell you that patrols around this one area where these native people live are visited more frequently b/c they want something to happen. You know what yes the cops have the right to go home to their families, but so did Mr. Mann. He had ever right to be up in that mountain, That mountain that his ancestors have had for hundreds of years as their land and we are not allowed to picnic with our families of fear of getting shot by the good ol' cops. On that note you need to really try and not be so closed minded some of you are good guys trying to protect.. and the others are murders that get away with it b/c they have a badge. An as for mr. mann putting himself in that position, I guess you mean the position he was born into being a indian man. An being on his homeland I forgot to you that is putting himself in a position , while for us that's our way of life, That what we know and I'll be damned if I raise my new generations to have fear of you or the boys in blue. We are made of strong stock and emil died senselessly b/c of hatred. Its been like this for hundreds of years so you need to do some damn research Before you go speaking about shit and picking a side just b/c your a cop yourself. Know that Man before you make a judgement. You did not know him, There fore you need not speak about him and what he got coming to him. At the end of the day he's gone a daughter lost a father, a wife her husband, a brother his best friend. How can you ever justify that..

10:44 PM PDT  

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