Monday, January 15, 2007

So, that Martin guy day ...

White folks have to allow themselves to be shattered by their racism- not my accusation of racism.--Julian Johnson

What are we doing?

I'm serious, you tell me.

I honestly don't know what's going on.

Are we carrying on Martin Luther King, Jr's legacy? Is anyone besides folks of color concerned about racism?

And are we concerned enough to skip dessert in order to see that the work is carried out?

And what exactly would that mean?

I have an idea, a niche of what I can offer--and it's utilized to my almost full capacity. I'm saying that being a white ally to individuals while keeping the topic blasting away at my constituency is what I see my way to doing.

And that actually a notch back from that, just parenting decently is more than I can really do effectively. Parenting so that maybe my kids don't contribute to perpetuating racism would in itself be a miracle.

Some folks of color appreciate what I can do. Others think I'm phoney, have a messiah complex, conceited, etc.

I've learned (knock knock) to stop indulging in being crushed by their criticism.

As Maxjulian so astutely mentions (paraphrase) I need to be devastated by racism, not by his criticism of my racism!

*smiles, shakes head*

That's what true evolution looks like. He's so right!!!

Happy Birthday to the late Martin Luther King, Jr. That's right, spell it out. Abbreviating his name is about as useful as shit pie. Say the whole name. A black guy came into my black woman friend's home one day and said, "...yeah I turned right on MLK and blah blah..." She interrupted and kindly but firmly corrected her brother, "It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard." I never forgot that admonition.

Racism not only sucks
It kills day after day--
Sometimes quickly
and sometimes slowly (both go on in Portland, Oregon.)

But always injustly and inhumanely.

The world we want
sure it begins within each of our hearts
I'm kinda good at lookin' at that ...

But those who see the big picture in a way I can't
have figured out that that doesn't
topple the scaffolding.

So we all best be reading the
recommended book list by some sharp folks over at ap_racism.

I've been told I need to keep reading bell hooks, gloria anzaldua, angela davis, and perhaps david roediger (because he explores whiteness, which I've been told in a confidential setting is work that many white people have to do -- you know, "turn the microscope" upon ourselves) and "go through the anger, denial, guilt, refusal, and eventual acceptance and rage at the system, then MAYBE..." I'll begin to get it sometime.

and ... Martin guy in the sky, blessings. Uh, that's Martin Luther King, Jr. or Dr. King to us.

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