Monday, January 08, 2007

Friendships That End Racism, Forever ...

I have absolutely no concept on how to blog I really don't. And I'm completely clueless as to what topics people are interested in reading about about my life. I have a difficult time grasping that anyone reads this or that they do more than scan (as I often must, over others' entries).

I'm a woman who has immersed herself in racism awareness and studying how to dismantle structures of racism both within society and within the individual. I've researched person to person how folks of color may heal from being targeted by destruction while we work together to end it. I've looked myself in the mirror and stood in front of groups with attention put on what privilege I grew up in and still enjoy.

I've been surprised, shocked, disgusted, saddened, and sickened by the hurts my fellow human beings endure.

I've been frightened, ashamed, angry and struck with grief by what my group--European-heritage folks have accomplished. The scope of the lies and how deeply they are injected is utterly mind boggling.

Despite the in-depth and hard work I've done on myself involving hours and hours of workshops and cathartic peer-counseling sessions focused specifically and ruthlessly on how I have participated in racism (while considering myself a well-intentioned white person) how I have and still do benefit by racism being held in place, I still am a student and utterly incompetent at ending the damn thing.

However, I'm available.

That appears to be the pivotal ingredient. Availability.

Because unfortunately, or fortunately I am available to create a world free of racism. So therefore I'm on the job. And I suppose I could also report that racism itself is end-able. Something based on lies and misunderstandings isn't based on fact or reality. So in that sense we're very lucky. We're simply exposing the truth and we're simply working toward a world based on reality.

The reality that there is one race, the human race. The reality that there is no superior or inferior subgroups within the human race. The reality that we are each one lovable, intelligent, born with full expectation of a loving and attentive connection with whoever is around us.

Isn't that cool?

When that goes wrong--and it has gone very wrong--it's not because there's something to all this racist talk. No, it's fear-based lies, confusion, greed and plain hopelessness; packed in on top of loneliness, hurt and the systematic shutting down of the natural healing process.

A process which restores clarity and living in the original intention of our energy field. This process frees up our minds, our inherent intelligence, ability to live in cooperation and harmony. It can and will empower each of us to see clearly what powerful action to take next in order to have the world we want. A world of racial justice, a world of social justice, a world where humans and all sentient life are honored and cared for.

As I said, I'm still completely incompetent to end this deal but I do know at least one thing. The natural healing process is one I see every young person who hasn't been tampered with go to use whenever they are hurting. And they take great leaps in lucidity, development and joy if given the opportunity to release tension without shame. If we weren't all told to stop crying and medicate ourselves my understanding is we'd use it still all through our lives. Yes, it's even moved me forward, changed my life as a white woman raised in the US with all the usual training as an agent of the oppression. I've little by little dismantled the training and am reversing it.

Not without the help of my friends--white, black, Jew, wealthy, poor, gay, straight--but nonetheless, it's what I know.

And in closing, I won't try to say I don't KNOW how to end racism just to make someone else feel more comfortable. Because I do. It's one person at a time. One session at a time. One interruption of a racist remark or action at a time. And one friendship you stick with through bitter and sweet at a time, forever, no matter what.

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