Thursday, December 07, 2006

Goodbye Dear Dad

My dad passed away on Friday and I am having a difficult time with it. I'm very fortunate to have so much love in my life and people supporting me.

My dad was the one who introduced me to surfing the waves in Oceanside, California, and he would ride the waves for hours and hours chuckling as he'd bring one more in.

I'd go out with him and do the same. Often we would laugh and smile at each other while riding in yet another wave.

The white foam of the ocean sparkling in the sun. The salty-ness and cool refreshing water lifted my spirits and brought me joy. But seeing my Dad's enthusiasm and joy and sharing that all with him was the height of my growing up years.

Goodbye Dad, thanks for sharing the good waves with your daughter.

Love Always,
Cyndie Lou

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Blogger Will said...

The best way to honor Ted is to live a long full life, with integrity.

None of us are meant to die, yet it keeps happening. Hold on to every good memory you have of your dad, and share them as often as you can.

11:57 AM PST  
Anonymous Anna Nixon said...

Your blog is the first one I've read.
It reminds me of your magazine.
Which I enjoyed.

Anyways, I tried to comment on the
Thanksgiving testimony.
But I guess I need to be a subscriber to
blog, or something.

Here is the testimony I contributed.

We ordain that the day of our ship's
arrival... in the land of Virginia.
shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy
as a day of Thanksgiving to God.

If Natives of other cultures have their
rituals, sacrificing a virgin, etc..

What does that have to do with One day
in remembrance, that a peope were brought
to a new land. and give thanks.
Keep it simple.

There is something about you, that
has been with you, since your high school
I read it with you still.
For lack of a larger vocabulary.
You always appolize for being white.

And fail to see that other cultures are
cruel. Cannibalism for instance.
Missionarys risked their lives, bringing
a christ-like spirit to this type of people.

That was the focus here in Garden grove
when you lived here.
Sadly, there is not a trace of that alive.
and , overtaken by a another race,
that doesn't offer grace, or friendship.
The christian spirit that lived in
the greater part of Orange County, has
been laid to rest.
It's all consumption.
Not wanting to make a big dicussion over
this, just want a focus, a mediation on
the condition of things.

All have failed, and come short with
the glory of god,
while we were yet sinners,christ died
for us.

I haven't quoted scripture in many years.
But, reading your captions,
I demand you refocus.
On who brings what to the table.

There is only one race,
that each of us run. Yet,only one gets
the prize. A crown of life.
Run so that your life is memorable.

12:18 AM PST  
Anonymous Maxjulian said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Take care of yourself.


3:08 PM PST  
Anonymous Raeyven Rasheed said...

I will try this again.......

Life is a continuous circle, it never ends. It changes, recycles, re-invents, it is ongoing. Yes, He is no longer Ted or Dad as you know him, but he IS! He has taken his place on the circular journey. He will always be with you and you will see him everyday in the smiles of your children, and in your own face. Memories are the photo album of the Heart and Mind, Flip through your album daily, and SMILE! No one is perfect, but everyone has forever to work out their imperfections. Your dad will come to you again in some form, keep your eyes open and stay atuned, you will know him, when your paths cross. Believe in yourself and in your thinking.

Press On!


3:29 PM PST  

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