Friday, November 10, 2006

Overcoming Parents Oppression

This blogging is getting dang boring! I'm putting all my juicy stuff in a private live journal. What the heck!

I used to blog here on parenting issues. That quickly gave way to more glamorous topics such as ending racism.

Even though the proper parenting could put an end to racism within this century ...

But dang, like I said, isn't parenting just boring? Or is that an aspect of the oppression?


If parents feel like idiots and at cocktail parties never mention they are parents well, then, more power to consumer-based society! What if we were all proud parents and openly showed how much a of a struggle it is??

Now that brings up some emotion for me.

Now THAT is fun.

We could all, as parents, let the mess show. Let the 24/7 job be known, loudly!!

So like I was about to say. I used to blog here about my kids. I quickly gave that up.

Maybe it's time to hang up the distractions. Maybe it's time to really put it out there. Maybe it's time to keep talking. To keep my big mouth OPEN. And time, yes, time to stop being intimidated by all the disappointed people.

For the next thirty days I will blog on parenting. And that's it. It's a little experiment. Dontcha just just love me.


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