Thursday, November 30, 2006

Listening For Change Should Be Discharging For Change

Changing the World With Discharge*

There's never been a day quite like today for living outside the oppression.

I'm an imperfect white woman ending racism because I have always wanted to sink my teeth into the key issue facing our global community. For a while I thought it was vegetarianism, then I thought it was environmentalism. One day, after several years of using a discharge process with others, I had a vision.

Racism is the place where humans are most confused and it affects how we treat each other and the environment and our bodies. It may not be the most important problem or the cause of all problems but it certainly is the place where our minds are not our own.

Perfect and ripe for the oppression to take hold.

So when I say I'm fighting racism, I mean that I am fighting to reclaim true intelligence. My own mind. I'm fighting to think clearly again. When I do that, it'll be easy to figure out how to set things right on the planet. At the moment--and what I couldn't consider before they so lovingly but firmly counseled me on my racism--that means backing the women of color and working class leaders right around me. They have figured out how to set things right already.

All I really have to do is back them. Now that's good thinking.

*a natural healing process of tension release which all humans try to use whenever they are hurt and can't think clearly. Crying is not the only way but it is a good way.

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