Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ending Racism in the Sunlight of the Spirit

When I wake up in the morning and remember I am part of this project to eliminate racism, I think about the day to come and what that means. I think about the other folks connected to this project and visualize us as an energy force that keeps growing.

I also let a picture come to mind, a feeling come to my heart, within my being of what the world will be like when racism is no more. How will things be then? And as I let it sink in I let the joy of that sink in.

As I do that, other images come to mind. Such as the incredible illusion and misinformation which defines racism to begin with. The more I get to know other human beings of all "groups" the more it becomes clear that--like consumer products--we've been branded as "products". And pitted against each other to benefit someone else.

If we can be psyched that we're different and incompatible with eachother, that's really all it takes.

I'm not saying there's no differences. Just that those differences are not enough to not love each other. Not enough to kill each other over or to hate each other over or to fear each other over or to not work together. That last is the one I'm very interested in. Working together.

There's a big job to heal from war and work for peace. And within all that is the re-beautifying of the environment. The re-flourishing of our planet and our hearts.

So much has gone down. From the moment racism ends will be a much needed grieving and healing and raging period. So much has gone down. The history cannot be denied. I beleive it must be thoroughly acknowledged, recognized and seen for what it is.

And that part is where European-heritage folks or what I call "white people" have to take initiative. There's a process whereby we can sort of de-white-ize ourselves. It's a good thing. It takes a lot of work and patience with ourselves because we've been tampered with. Our minds have been meddled with since infancy. There's a problem with, for example, being trained to isolate and develop a false sense of superiority from and towards others.

The problem extends beyond hurting people of color and exploiting them--although this alone is worth the work it takes. But there's more and it's how our own liberation as white folks is tied up with that of ending racism. We lose our own core in that process. Whole pieces of our being are shut off, thus we've ended up with nice clothes and homes and vehicles and vacations--even beautiful children. But even the poor white of us have lost out. Why? How? The tidbits we are given as "privileges" only stay in place if we perpetuate the racism.

We must hurt someone else to keep our shitty life intact.

It began back when the wealth of this country was being built by African humans in enforced servitude when the owning class realized there were enough people between the Africans and the poor white folks to overturn them. Only by dividing folks could the owning class ensure that no one would be unified enough to rise up against them and stop the oppression.

And it worked.


And it still works.


Except when I woke up this morning. I remembered you and you and you. And that we are working together to wake each other and others up. Because the joy that awaits us in freedom is within our reach. And the listening to the hurt and the rage from people of color at the twisted misinformed and brutal daily grind of racism that comes at them 24/7 is part of the process.

And the listening to the rage and the hurt and the shame, guilt and fear of white people as we unravel, uncondition and step up to the plate to fight this insidious condition of being conditioned to oppress, being fooled into meanness is part of the process.

Meanwhile, it's a moment by moment job. I'm glad I'm not in it alone.


Anonymous Will said...

You are writing more from your heart

8:48 PM PST  
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