Tuesday, October 17, 2006

These men have a date with the Hague

Hat tip to minivercheevy.

What the hell happened today?. The president signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006. If you're like me you have a child in your lap who demands to be seen. You have water boiling away on the stove for mac 'n cheese. You have a tired husband with the baseball game on after a long day at work.

You've managed to walk around the block for 20 minutes to take care of your body--but only by sheer force of will to take that time for yourself. And you're actually supposed to be down at the phone bank making calls to avoid a creepy governor like Ron Saxton taking over. I mean, the governor you want to be in office doesn't even have a platform for ending racism but he--Ted Kulongoski--is the lesser of two evils.

When society is set up so that we are all up to our eyebrows in daily survival, men like these (who deliberately set things up this way) get away with murder. Good Christian men.

Anonymous interview:

Sea's Blog: Does what Bush did today make you feel powerless?

Anonymous: I don't think it makes me feel powerless. It hits on a thing about being determined.

Sea's Blog: In what way?

Anonymous: Um ... I've been thinking about this, I mean, I'd say there's a very good possibility that the Democrats are going to control the House of Representatives in January. And unfortunately, I've been thinking so what are the consequences for the Republicans if the Democrats are in there. In order to impeach Bush there has to be 3/5ths or so not just a simple majority. I'd have to reference that. ...If the Democrats try to pass things Bush will just veto them so about the only benefit that we're gonna get from getting the Dems in the House is that Bush will no longer be able to pass his agenda. Things will be at a standoff. We're gonna get to live with the Bush takeover for about two more years. He's got so many things in place. So, if the Dems get control of the House and it looks like they will, it's going to be the first step... people are going to have to remain very disciplined in the political process or the Republicans will be right back on the road.



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