Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fast for Darfur, Fast for Portland / genocide, genocide all

How about fasting today for Darfur and fast today for Portland. We've got rampant racism here and it's killing the people of color slowly--sometimes quickly--but not softly.

You know, our administration can be complete jerks around the world but when it comes to putting our foot down to stop genocide we are "diplomatic"? Be a jerk to end genocide. Use your oppressive power to stop genocide in Darfur.

And in Portland, OR.

This town doesn't seem to have a mirror to look itself in the face. "White heaven" is not open to diversity. Not really.

There needs to be a front and center effort -- not on the sidelines, full of promises and hot air -- where ending racism is primary and other goals are set on the backburner.

This town needs to grind its gears to a halt until the white folks take on ending racism as priority!


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