Thursday, October 26, 2006

Closeness for Newborns Found Helpful by Mainstream

From Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington's newsletter

Planning for the first moments of your baby's life

Before your baby is born, talk to your doctor about what will happen immediately after the birth of your new baby. In uncomplicated births and cesarean sections, it is usually possible and beneficial for new parents to spend a quiet hour or more holding and getting to know their new baby. If a mother can hold her newborn skin-to-skin during this initial period, on her chest with a light blanket over both mother and baby for warmth, research suggests that the benefits are even greater.

In one new study, full-term newborns who were allowed 70 to 80 minutes of undisturbed skin-to-skin contact with their mothers immediately after birth slept more, cried less, and were less stressed overall than infants who were held briefly (for 15 to 20 minutes) by their mothers, then separated for washing and dressing. If a baby nurses for the first time during this initial period, breastfeeding tends to become established more easily in the first week of life.

It's good to see this information get into the mainstream literature. Closeness from birth on, is a key component of racism prevention in parenting.

Why? Closeness is our nature--as our babies will attest. So when we allow and support our humanness from birth on, the un-natural distress of fearing or dominating another human doesn't ever get set in.


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I wish that had happened for me

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