Friday, September 22, 2006

wondering about you

I'm wondering about you.

What's it like for you being you. And I want to know all about your life. Everything. There is no detail boring to me. Can't be boring because it's about you.

What was it like growing up? How many brothers and sisters do you have? What is your heritage and what was it like growing up in that identity for YOU? What are your earliest memories? I'd deeply enjoy hearing them a hundred times each in their entirety.

I want to know every thought. Every thought is divine.

Even the non-thoughts. I want to know them too. Somewhere, somehow, someone installed those "recordings" in your mind. That wasn't something you asked to have happen. I don't see you as those confusions. They are simply stuck to you. They are not YOU.

So, I'm wondering about you. How is this society working for you? What's it like for you day in, day out? You're important to me and I'm interested.

How 'bout you take a peek up at me and just for a split second find out if I'm really looking back at you. I know there was a time when you decided not to hope.

So many times looking up to find the smiling face that was not there. Sorry. That was brutal. And it really happened. It's completely understandable that you decided back then to stop looking up. You made that decision for your survival. And you've managed brilliantly.

So just a little peek. It could be true that you're not alone anymore. That those days are over.

It's possible that it will never be that bad again.

Your tears are welcome here. There's lots of time and nothing is more important right now than you and you getting yourself back.

What I know is true is that you are good, powerful, intelligent, creative, cooperative and zestful. This is reality. Whatever has clouded over these things can be healed. Whatever it is. Whatever it was. That was harsh. It was hurtful. But you're still intact.

So, I'm going to stay right here and each peek you take up at me to see if I'm looking is a courageous peek.

I'm in wonder at your brilliance. I'm delighted in your fierceness.


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