Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Vote Thursday Allows Torture on US Soil

Are you aware that our "elected" officials have drawn a line in the sand by authorizing human torture without any due process whatsoever?

September 28 this nonsense was passed.
A very good letter by Hanne Blank. Feel free to draft something similar and send it off as well. As she says, to do nothing lets them off the hook. (Type you zipcode here at for contact info.)

Hat tip to jillbertini

...To permit the passage of this Act, with its provisions for detainment, coercion, torture, and the legal admission of evidence obtained by these methods, is an act of moral cowardice.

To have not blocked this bill by any procedural means necessary is to kowtow to the hubris of a President who believes that might makes right, that the Geneva Convention and other international regulations need not apply to him if he doesn’t happen to feel like it, and who is firmly convinced that his own political agenda is more important than the Constitution.

To have not blocked this bill is to cave in to the bullying of Republican and right-wing media (out of respect I shall refrain from speculating what this may have to do with it being an election year).

This bill could have been stopped. It could have been referred to committee. It could have been tabled pending further debate. It could have been filibustered. It was not.

That this bill was not stopped is on your shoulders.

The only good that can come from these policies is that more people wake up and stop this than ever before in history.


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