Friday, September 29, 2006

Shabbat cometh / Idiocy taketh away

“When all the bodies have been buried in Darfur, how will history judge us?”

The Shabbat, sundown today, is coming. And it is a time to be. To be together and hopefully stop busy-work.

But what do we do when there's no good time to rest? has some answers.

Furthermore, the Bush administration has passed some nonsense torture treatment law which everyone and I mean EVERYONE is blogging and bitching about. Even my straight friends.

This is not that United States anymore... no longer are we grand and glorious and able to send aid all over the world as needed. No longer strong, with some faults. The past 6 years have shown we aren't able capable of saving victims of a hurricane in one of our most well known cities. We can't safely keep people employed. We can't trust our government to educate our own children in schools that are sufficiently funded, much less safe. There is no longer a line between Church and state when the President of this country calls a charismatic church leader every week for consultation. Freedom of religion is completely gone, and many non-Christians are forced underground to practice their faith. Anti-Semitism is alive and well, baby.

I'm such an upbeat gal! (from Bill Murray's line in Groundhog Day.)


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