Friday, September 29, 2006

Maxjulian's Thoughts on KBOO

Maxjulian wrote:, I didn't hear the show but I have some opinions about KBOO:

Its an extremely racist, phake progressive organization, reflective of white progressives in general.

I just picked up a book from Powell's today, Steve Biko's "I Write What I Like." In the forward, the writer mentions Biko's focus on the white liberal:
"He does so because liberals POSE as allies of blacks for the sake of securing a liberal future."

Progressives, or whatever white people are calling themselves these days, aren't for securing justice, or freedom for people of color. They are in favor of LOOKING like they are, while trying to get more for their greedy selves.

And as the vanguard media entity for PDX, KBOO insulates itself from the very people they pretend to champion. Few people of color come there and those who do, don't last long - because they are not wanted there. Its an extremely hostile working environment - for a nigga who ain't there for spinning hiphop.

I volunteered at KBOO for a short time, while they had a black news director (who caught hell every day). Hated every second of it.

I'm curious what your latest show was like. I'd like to know what you and LA had to say, what people said who called in, what people around KBOO said about your show and if you believe them.

I called a morning show that was discussing AnOTheR march. The conversation was identical to conversations I heard when I moved here 6 years ago. Doing the same thing over and Over and OVER again, expecting different results. I'm convinced its a scam; white supremacy isn't being threatened by Bush, thus white liberals ain't in no hurry to do anything more than march.

That's one niggas take on KBOO. What say you?

Sea says: I think the KBOO board needs to listen to what you have to say. And I'd love to set up a Listening For Change action-workshop for KBOO with you as advisor.

As for the show. We had quite a few white callers and two women of color--Raeyven Rasheed and Jamilah Bourdon--in the studio who were sharing what they wanted in white allies. Leigh Anne made sure to announce we would not be discussing "reverse racism" yet at least one caller began with that as her question. We had to cut off several white guys from rambling. Several others actually were interested in what Jamilah and Raeyven had to say. Leigh Anne and I will make sure you receive a copy of the show.

There's a phrase running through my mind. It goes like this. "Excuse me please I have white people's disease!"

And it's truly a problem.

Like alcoholism it's a disease the holder can't quite tell they have.

I'd like to keep plugging away at it and keep having the shows on ending racism within ourselves as well as "out there" e.g. speaking up in our workplaces and schools, etc.

I think repetition and saturation through radio, written articles and public speaking could flush some folks out of the woodwork and motivate some to become true allies. I think there's a lot of work to be done and Listening For Change needs volunteers because there is an overload of ally work to be done in this town. I'm already back-logged with lists of people who have personally asked for my help with issues of racism towards them. Serious stuff. Each person of color if you sit down with them and they can see you're for real, will share with a long-term problem that is on their shoulders that is due to racism coming at them.

If each white person in this town began taking a serious look at themselves and our complacency when it comes to facing our own racism, using a few "tools" to deprogram ourselves and then learn--I mean work hard--to build relationships both with each other as white people ending racism and with people of color, and become a commited friend and ally to at least ONE person of color this whole town would turn on its head and be an enormous change for the better.

And by "one" I don't mean the awful way people say "I'm not racist. My best friend is black." That's not what I mean. Preferably we each build many relationships with poc and white people as co-allies in this work. But I do mean at least ONE person of color in the sense that you are committed to staying close and developing a mutual support in the long term. You're willing to take the bullet of racism for them in any way you possibly can.

So you asked about KBOO. I'm afraid that the do-gooder progressive veneer is almost impossible to break through because it's a veneer of false feel-goodism. The person already thinks they are saving the world and nothing can get in. Add a little marijuana to that mix and you've got full-blown self-righteous confusion.

But, Max, as long as I got breath I got hope. And hopefully it's not too garlicky today.

I wonder if anybody else out there has anything to add?? Hello???


Blogger Kate said...

Being someone on the other coast I know nothing about KBOO. But Maxjulian's assessment sounds like most white liberal organizations. These problems need to be noticed and exposed, and folks doing the noticing and thinking need to be heard. So I'm glad, Maxjulian, for what you had to say.

That said I do think it's good to have hope, but then, I'm another white with white people's disease trying to get rid of my disease in little chunks every day. There's a lot to get rid of that's obscuring the good white person underneath the racism. But you all inspire me to keep going.

6:24 PM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

kate: Yes, you are one of the white people working on it everyday...

Glad you're inspired. Likewise.

3:53 PM PDT  

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