Sunday, September 17, 2006

I know how to end racism

Racism harms our lives.

I am committed to ending racism within my lifetime.

I know how.

Yes my heart pounds a little writing that to post. What will people say? Will they attack me. Will they take me seriously. Will they ask who am I to be so bold.

I know how.

I chuckle now. The smile to myself because I've seen it work. It works in myself, it works in those who are doing the work with me. And it's so simple--but time consuming.

I know how to end racism.

I don't need a book for reference written by a white man in order to tell you. Although his ideas are great and helpful it's actually my experience and my intelligence that can tell you what I know. I can listen to you in an aware way and ask certain questions.

I, Sea Ganschow, a white woman, KNOW how to end racism.


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