Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Here is an email I sent to my son's school co-founders and co-directors. I have omitted the identifying names. I simply wanted it to be a point of discussion and possibly an example of what we as parents can think about and voice about in the school system.


It feels so good to be back and see my beloved
T%*#@$ family! Thank you so much for the strides
made and the incredible organizing it takes to
increase membership and move to a new building.

I'm writing because I noticed today that there is a
sole, only one, black girl in DS's class and there
are many white males. I am concerned on what that must
be like for her and how it could develop into a hurt
for her that she might blame herself for.

At DS's age, sexism is already being laid into our
sweet boys and they, tho completely good, often
unknowingly act it out. To compound this with the
situation where no one in the class looks like her is,
I think, a very difficult thing.

so I wanted to bring it to your attention and ask that
we be thoughtful about placing kids where there are
at least one other person from their cultural

You might agree that as white people, (of
European-descent--white--a false term actually since
so many of us are from various European sub-groups
with our ethnicity often stripped.) we don't "get"
diversity to help "spice" up our lives. That's not

And to spread out the few black children, is, from my
reasonable amount of experience listening to people of
color and as a student of diversity health, hard for
them. Even if they won't find the safety to readily
admit it.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter. I
appreciated it several years ago when you were
generous is assisting K*&^%$# to not be the only
black child inhis class as well.



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Right On Sea!

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