Friday, September 22, 2006

Discussion Board for KBOO Listeners HERE

The call-in show tonight is a beginning of a group that will work together to be white allies and it will be people of color who are guiding the white folks in what they want in allies.

There will be some footwork to do by us white folks. and as much as possible it's good to learn from sources like Paul Kivel--who has done much footwork in listening to folks of color and writing a book based on what he's learned.

One reason to read this stuff is why should our friends of color have to tell us over and over again what they want in us as allies? It's been said. They've said it. It can be exhausting! It's a piece of racism still operating when we continually need poc to reassure us, repeat the instructions etc etc.

So do your part right now and read extensively. Here are a couple links with lots to read from the great site allywork. Then call me or another white listener and process some on what you read. Then you're informed and you're a bit refreshed and clear when you call your friend of color and say, "What's it? How are you today?"

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Blogger Maxjulian said...

I've tried to get to the KBOO board and had no success. What do I do?

12:42 AM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

Sadly, this is IT. You're the first comment so far.

Whatever comment you wish to make and post it here, I can then post as a blog in itself with links back to this "discussion board."

Are you back?

7:40 AM PDT  
Blogger Maxjulian said..., I didn't hear the show but I have some opinions about KBOO:

Its an extremely racist, phake progressive organization, reflective of white progressives in general.

I just picked up a book from Powell's today, Steve Biko's "I Write What I Like." In the forward, the writer mentions Biko's focus on the white liberal:
"He does so because liberals POSE as allies of blacks for the sake of securing a liberal future."

Progressives, or whatever white people are calling themselves these days, aren't for securing justice, or freedom for people of color. They are in favor of LOOKING like they are, while trying to get more for their greedy selves.

And as the vanguard media entity for PDX, KBOO insulates itself from the very people they pretend to champion. Few people of color come there and those who do, don't last long - because they are not wanted there. Its an extremely hostile working environment - for a nigga who ain't there for spinning hiphop.

I volunteered at KBOO for a short time, while they had a black news director (who caught hell every day). Hated every second of it.

I'm curious what your latest show was like. I'd like to know what you and LA had to say, what people said who called in, what people around KBOO said about your show and if you believe them.

I called a morning show that was discussing AnOTheR march. The conversation was identical to conversations I heard when I moved here 6 years ago. Doing the same thing over and Over and OVER again, expecting different results. I'm convinced its a scam; white supremacy isn't being threatened by Bush, thus white liberals ain't in no hurry to do anything more than march.

That's one niggas take on KBOO. What say you?

8:20 PM PDT  

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