Monday, August 14, 2006

Ya know, it's natural to have friends who might look different than you. But that's not what we end up doing. Ya know, there's just one race. We've been lied to. So, where has that placed you as a white person?

How's your intercultural intelligence? I think this is a good start. It doesn't take the place of hours and hours of focus on the topic with another person as witness. However, take this quiz from Race Relations choice by Susan Picarro-Eckert--one sharp cookie this woman.

It will give you something to think about and put energy towards if you haven't already.

Remember the police officer in Crash? He "decided" to get out of a cop partnership where he was silent witness to violent racism and sexism on the part of his beat partner. He "decided" to "not be racist".

And then what happened? He was in the car with a black man and in a split second shot him dead. This black guy was reaching into his pocket to show him his St Christopher... Geez. This happens daily. Look at your own life, if you're white, and I'm not saying to beat yourself up--but look at the things your mind does when you're around black people. That was set up deliberately. We were set up to fear Malcom X rather than back him and follow his lead. What a shame.

A lifetime of conditioned terror of poc doesn't go away just because we decide it's the right thing to do. Ruffle your white feathers a little and read the Portland's Malcolm X blog. Call me afterward and fill my ear with your indignation. I'd love that. Are you ready to turn yourself inside out? Are you ready to heal from the hurts of being born into an oppressor role? A role so insidious it makes you actually beleive you're smarter and better than the majority of the world population--I'm sorry to say it makes you deeply fear others who look different than you, it keeps you silent while others are mistreated, it keeps you "safely" locked up inside your car, your home ...

There are listening centers and classes being set up all over the world where people go to unload the bullshit conditioning which has kept us all separated and fearful of one another. It has taken hold of our very minds. What better weapon can be found than our minds?

You are important alright but not for the reasons the oppression taught us. You matter because you--by taking back your mind and your intelligence--get a real life with the real you. Secondly, you have the key in your hands to set things right on this planet.

By ending racism we pull a kingpin upon which all oppression depends.

Are you ready?


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