Monday, August 21, 2006

Why do white people get together? Isn't that racist?

You're already racist, honey and the meeting is to heal from that shit.

So yes, we meet as white folks. Because we have to unload the ton of crap that has been heaped upon our minds since day one. It has disconnected us from our hearts. It has made us feel so bad about ourselves as well. It has set us up and we act out racism daily. You do. I do. (Though I lol, might fight it more than act it these days.)

Some of us feel so bad about ourselves we act superior. Some feel so bad we think we don't deserve to walk the face of the earth. Either way and in between it's an "I'm bad" problem. The more bad ya feel the more bad ya dish out and that spells R-A-C-I-C-M! Racism :-)

So one of the things we do at this meeting is focus on our innate goodness. Sounds funny doesn't it? How could bad white folks be good? lol Well, that's the way out of our racist conditioning! We start there. For one thing if I don't start there I'll be drunk instead of an activist. lol.

If I start plugging away at all my ancestors and your ancestors have done on this globe to try and get ahead, I'll shut right down and go away. I'll close the cupboards and bolt all the windows so fast I'm not sure anyone would have time to say "Where's Sea?"

So I've put in my "good" time. I've put in the years of remembering I'm good and that's stuck in me now. It's solid. So when a black person looks mean at me I know it's not about me because I know that shit aint about me. That's where each one of us need to be as white racial justice activists. Or just plain friends. There's very little difference between those two things.

But what am I talking about. Is this a magic wand you wave over and suddenly you know you're cool and nothing gets you down? NO, sorry. It takes some work on your part. Actual time. And if I told you what the process is it's one of those things, I'm sorry--a lot like racism-- you just won't understand!!

I'll break it to you gently. Week by week. Yes, at your appointment at the white-people-ending-racism meeting here in Portland Oregon USA. This is a weekly commitment and you make a commitment for in between the meetings for taking several crucial actions. (One of which is in this previous blog.)


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