Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shoshone-Bannock should get Lava Hot Springs back. It would provide jobs that are not existent. It's not right. I can just imagine the so-called "sale" and all the actual pressures and violence or threats of violence; the enforced poverty that prompted the Indians to "agree" to the sale of Lava Hot Springs.

Did you know if you have your tribal membership card with you, you can get in free? That's because you should be owning that shyt, not visiting. And there is some sign posted about the "history" of the Shoshone-Bannock. Written as though they no longer exist. Uh-hmm! Excuse me. There's 4500 members!

What does owning up to the injustices of the past mean for us as white folks??

Our Story
Credit - Nancy Smith Ottogary (NSO),
Tape A-4 (103 years old), Interviewer: Mecreline Boyer (MB), October 31, 1975

(MB) Go ahead and tell us about the white (divos) that settled here. About what you have seen.

(NSO) "They camped across the water from us...Some of those whites were friends of ours. Thos white people measuring the right around where we were living. They put stonemarkers up at the end, the corner."

"...I was seven years old. We said to each other, "Let's take those stone markers down. These whites were up to no good. These whites are taking advantage of us." My father was a farmer. My father worked with the U.S. Soldiers. He worked with and for the whites."

"...We left our land along with our personal belonging to live in Washakie [Fort Washakie, Wyoming]. All this was sold. Our home, farm, farm equipment and everything we had owned while we lived here. Up to this day I don't know who sold them ore why the land and our belongings had been sold. I cant understand why. This is where we lost ALL our land."

"...And today the people that live here say that we are from Washakie and they say that we are not part of them. I'm from here but I live near McCammon [Idaho]. We were all born here and we did at one time own land here. We know that our relatives are living here. These are our people."

"...I always say that [this] is where we come from...People say that we had the water."

Interpreter unknown? mentions: Nancy Smith Ottagary "was about 12 years old when she left from Lava."

(NSO) "Maybe those people that lived across the water from us has a daughter that is still alive today. Some of the kids we used to play with. I think their names was Munroe."

So, you can be a white "friend" to Indians and not be real, get it? What needs to happen in order for us to be "real". I think it involves stepping in and stopping each other from being stupid. It means putting an arm around a white brother or sister and saying,"No you don't get to do that anymore!" firmly and cheerfully. (With a backbone.) Enough of us need to be in good enough shape to be able to stay close while our white folks throw the inevitable tantrums from being limited on their exploitative modus operandi. No more! Tantrum comes. We listen and keep saying "No you don't get to!" (keep stolen land). and the tantrums come. But when the tantrum ends, clarity ensues.

This extends all the way up to the white house. George, hand over the keys.


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