Saturday, August 26, 2006

The secret life of an anti-racist blogger (visiting so-cal)

Too fuckin weird. There is no wifi and the latte is more like hot milk. I asked for soy but I don’t think the person heard me. It wasn’t in his vocab. I’m excited about checking out this Trading Place that had windows out front which looked great. I think I could buy one and have it shipped home. No kidding .Yes.

Well, this place would drive me nuts. There is no decent espresso places and the white people all think they are either hippies, or celebrities.

And hippy means lavishing their body with other culture’s creations. Oh it looks so tempting. Mexican purses and shawls. I long for the innocent days when I wore that stuff and thought nothing of it.

If I had a legit reason to live in Mexico and I was close to people, locals, there could come a day when wearing that would not be an issue. There could be a day when wearing it would not be an issue. Here. Because if there is no more racism, really, then we can all share our cultures freely without resentment or pain. That’s what I think.

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