Saturday, August 19, 2006

RAEYVEN RASHEED, black feminist leader, to give eyewitness report-back on fight to prevent closure of the last abortion clinic in Mississippi for Radical Women of Portland, OR at Bread and Roses Center this Saturday at 7pm. Dinner and cocktails at 6pm.

"Christianity teaches love and tolerance and this is not an example of that," --Raeyven Rasheed
Black feminist leader, Raeyven Rasheed, represented Portland Radical Women during Reproductive Freedom Summer. She spoke for Radical Women at the kickoff rally and press conference in Jackson, Mississippi. And participated in a local area organizing activity.

OSA is leading their 8 day protest with the goal of shutting down the state's only abortion clinic, but these groups say their tactics are filled with bigotry and hatred. "Christianity teaches love and tolerance and this is not an example of that," says Raeyven Rasheed, who's with Radical Women. --WLBT 3 Jackson MS, Global Story

After OSA placed a false bomb in a trash can to disrupt the rally and then burned the Koran (and gay pride flag), she thought on her feet and mobilized Muslims from around the country to call the Jackson mayor as well as governor of Mississippi. The result? Operation Save America was kicked out of the church that had been harboring them.

When Jackson area feminists learned that Operation Save America aka Operation Rescue was planning a week of intimidation and harrassment of Mississippi's last abortion clinic, they put out a national call for support and solidarity. Radical Women responded by organizing a contingent from five US cities to join an action plan for Reproductive Freedom Summer by southern sisters. Come hear what happened and join in a discussion on how to win against these sexist homophobic and religious zealots.
Raeyven Rasheed, just kicked some butt in Mississippi a few weeks ago. She fought the Operation Save America group and got them kicked out of the church which was housing them for un-Christian-like behavior. She had friends from all over the country, Islamic friends, call the Mayor of Jackson and the governor of Mississippi and complain about the group as well.

The clinic is still open.


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