Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Keeping Our Minds
The Commitment to Focus on the Good, the True and the Beautiful

Does this mean denial?

Hmm, No!

You and I know full well the sucky-ness of racism. My readers of color know it daily--the constant vigilance they are under--and my European-heritage readers know it because huge chunks of our humanity have been "scarred" due to participating in it.

Does keeping our minds in the good mean we go around saying, "All is well!" Uh, yes it does. But not to deny the racism.

What is racism?

For all intensive purposes I'll say here it is fear and confusion which gets aimed at people of color. What? I am concerned that I'm not getting this across.

Yesterday I wrote about some behaviors I noticed at the airport. After I got to my mom's in San Diego some other things happened. My mom was about to make a right turn off of Hill Street to head to the beach. A black man was just stepping off the curb to walk across the street. "Uhh!" , I muttered to try and stop her from hitting him. She stopped. He immediately stopped. (I would too if I thought I was about to be mowed down.) He waved his arm like, "Go on." So, without so much as a sign language or communication back to him, my mom turned and went.

I was absolutely furious and seething. I had just arrived and have already had some big run-ins over things I found unacceptable (racist) that she had done and I thought for a moment before I asked calmly. "Did you notice that man was trying to cross when you came up to that corner?"

She replied, "Well, yes, but he stopped so I went."

Okay, hot damn. This is a great example of white privilege gone crazy. He stopped so she went.

Well, do I have to spell this out? I'm crying now and trembling. When you threaten to kill someone they might look compliant. Oh, it's okay that we oppress folks of color (the bigger picture) because they don't mind.

They don't mind.

Sorry. It's not true. I don't care what it looks like to you. White people. The right thing to do is to get out of your comfort zone and BE THOUGHTFUL.

That's what I'm trying to say. Racism is not being thoughtful and aiming that at people of color in particular. It's not that we don't do some of that shit to each other. Cause yes we do. But who really gets it? Folks of color.

So when I assign to you to BE THOUGHTFUL of people of color your first reaction might be, "That is racist." Because you think singling out poc for extra thoughtfulness is reverse discrimination. No, I want you to notice the feelings that come up when you deny yourself a privilege and give it instead to a person of color.

Those feelings need to be brought to the white-people group which meets in Portland, Oregon, USA. There at those meetings is the appropriate place to do your white whining and bitching. Because, I KNOW, that when you unload that shyt it's gone forever. And I need your white victim stuff GONE.

I won't stand by while black moms and dads have to prepare their children for racism. They have to watch while their free child learns some harsh realities. It has to stop. It is stopping.

My mind has been awakened to a large extent. There is farther I have to go. But what my years of processing (bitching and whining in a class) have helped me see is that when you drive up to a corner and a black man is about to step off the curb. If you have suddenly alarmed him by not stopping and he stops, you then stop fully and show signs of apology through that car windshield. You stop and wait for him to cross even if takes a minute or two of his disbelief and then roll down your window and say, "Sorry about that." and fukking smile sincerely and lovingly.

That is what you do.

And we are good humans. Goodness is in our hearts. White friends, we have been lied to and conditioned and it's time to stop accepting the daily lies and start noticing our behavior and being accountable for it. On a small scale like being a privileged driver and on a large scale like not funding the US wars.


Blogger Kate said...

Just commenting to appreciate you. Keep putting your thinking out there. I'm crying and trembling with you!

11:21 AM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

oh thx. I liked your I'm the bomb post did you delete it? I really liked it. I want it I want it. oops lol

12:46 AM PDT  

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