Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I was standing in the back of the plane with my two kids waiting to file out as soon as the line would begin to move. I was looking at the pumped-up triceps of the white guy a few rows up from me and thinking how good he looked.

The line began to move and he let a woman in the row ahead of him go and completely ignored two brown-skinned folks and butted ahead of them. My initial pleasure at his appearance suddenly bit the dust. "That was rude! " I said without diplomacy as loudly as I could.

But he just kept walking.

Did he not even see them? It's possible that to him they did not exist.


Earlier I was in the airport store and my daughter (who is young and not very tall yet) was in line at the counter to buy one of those adorable little doggie key chains. A white middle-class guy marches up to the counter and hands over his merchandise. I bark, "She was here first." He's all "Don't yell at me" I'm all, "Oh, isn't that sad." And ignored him.

The woman of color at the counter beamed and the white guy at the other cash register said to the guy with his snide look my way, like I'm a bytch, "I'll help you over here."

Is it being in your 40s like I am and the value on being "nice" at any cost has long since lost it's charm? Is it all the processing I've done on speaking out when there's oppression? OR is it just all the privilege I've had that gives me audacity. Probably a bit of all three, but I think it's great that I'm speaking up so much and didn't even try to fix that European-American guy's feelings. As he was buying his mag or whatever at the counter. He mumbled, "Yeah this day was going good." I just ignored him. Maybe next time he'll check before just assuming he's first in line.


I've made a decision to blog daily because this is what I do knowing racism will end.


Anonymous LA said...

Uggh! Why is this behavior always so pronounced in airports? Why does the white man believe that he is entitled to the arm rest between us? Just last Monday I was flying on a small plane and a military man's shoulder creeped 2 inches into my seat. I sat up and looked directly at his body touching mine and he slaps on a happy grin and says, "Gee, I know, these seats sure are small. It sure is too bad we have to sometimes get in each other's way..." As if I was the "uptight" one, the one without a view of the BIG PICTURE of Human Understanding.

Unlike you Sea, I bit my tongue to keep from asking just who the fuck did he think he was sitting bold & square in his seat, feet spread comfortable, shoving me toward the window? To ask why he didn't consider leaning a few inches toward the open aisle on his other side? Did he notice that I have broad shoulders, and some bicep too? Did he understand that I was a human being? That his comfort and business and schedule were no more important than mine? I was itching to say it, so why didn't I?

Sometimes I just get tired of the ENDLESS re-edumacation of my white brothers. THEY KNOW BETTER!


10:27 AM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

glad you could share here :-) thx and argh I know , really!!

9:00 PM PDT  

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