Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Discover what the world thinks about U.S.

The oppression on us all is not getting lighter. It is getting heavier. More intense.

I was listening to a very smart woman last night as she laid this out for us. The pressure to go into our homes and close the door and turn on the TV and have a beer or whatever. It is getting more intense. The pressure to isolate and disconnect from our fellow humans.

Oh, are we ever easier to manipulate that way.

And if we won't go alone willingly then set up stories about how one group is better than another. Add a pinch of fear (and make it terrifying and urgent) a few drops of distraction (if your soldiers are torturing and massacreing then quickly change the focus to--say--Israel?)

Top that recipe with a heavy dose of you're-helpless-so-give-up-trying messages and voila! a feast for the 2% owning class on the planet!

Connecting. Building community. Knowing you matter.

Talking about racism. Looking your own conditioning square in the eyes and taking the bull by the horns. It's not enough to "pass" for politically correct.

We get to have each other. And we get to take back our country. We get to set things right on the planet.

And finding out what they are saying about us (U.S.) may come as a surprise!

And finding out what "they" (meaning people of color right here in the United States and even right here in Portland, Oregon, USA) are saying about white people may come as a shock to those of us who thought racism was long over and not much of an issue anymore.

What I'm saying is that racism is the central issue in our world problems today. And it, yes, I'll say it again, is in our own backyard. In fact, it has been installed on our minds. Whether we've been born into and perpetuated as one in the oppressor group or one born into and targeted by oppression--as a person of color. Our minds are the most powerful weapon ... and, as the drug commercials say ... are a "terrible thing to waste." :-)


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