Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brings a whole new meaning to the term fast food.

I've got a large wooden salad bowl in my car full of organic veggies, olive oil, garlic, real salt and balsamic vinegar. I just gotta tell ya. I think I've discovered an oppression unique to most westerners--across racial lines and everything!

Are you ready?

Pop pop pop, popop, pop.

What is that sound? Is it popcorn, is it a gun? No, that friends is the sound of gall bladders being popped out by surgery all over the United States. Similar to caesarean birth (sp?) it is touted as "necessary" and "urgent" by our dear western medical authorities.

Guess what I did yesterday? Oh go ahead. Guess.

I dumped about 20 gall stones down the toilet.

Is that a little more information than you wanted? If it's just what you were dying to hear, read on.

I cured myself of a nagging gall bladder. It isn't easy and it yet it is. It doesn't mean you don't have to maintain things and keep working on it. You do. (Kind of like ya gotta keep pluggin away at un-learning alifetime of racist conditioning.)

So, for the record, this isn't medical advice. I wouldn't want to give you that anyway. I wouldn't go to those schools. I use a doc for diagnosis only--they're actually okay for that, with only a few pitfalls. You often run into their arrogance and in my case, their sexism. They ridicule you or threaten negligence suits if you're a parent when you don't take their treatment plan. You know their treatment is limited to drugs and / or surgery. Thankfully, (knock on wood) the broken bones I don't have or for if I let some condition go beyond the point of feeling I was able to heal myself naturally, there is a fix-it-after-it's-broken place to go--the hospital.

So, I'm having "fast food" today and that is part of how nature induces healing in me.

But I did something a little different. Yesterday I pooped out the gall stones.

Lol Ready?

Well, part two, if there is any interest (that means comment dear one) I will go into more detail. Only by popular request will I outline what I did--as over the backfence neighborly advice, never medical no no--to rid myself of intense gall bladder pain and be rearin to go the next day.

And it is something that definitely benefits us all to learn natural healing. It so happens that African Americans are statistically shown to have shorter lifespans than white folks in the US. IMO that is due directly to the stresses of living in a rampant racist society. What that looks like is self-care takes a back seat and the stress eats at the person--whether poverty is in the picture of not. It's not stress out of the blue sky. It's a very real and heavy presence.

So we end racism and harness our own healing energies of nature. Sound good? Ready to sign up? Are you in?


Blogger Kate said...

Hey, I'd like to hear what you did. And then I can tell you about how I prevented getting a second bout of pneumonia last summer (actually, I'll just tell you now: I yawned and yawned and yawned. I set a timer for myself and yawned, often by myself because I was in rural Poland and there were no co-counselors. Stretches the neck and discharges fear!).

6:57 PM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

oh wow, thx kate. that might come in handy for me today. seriously, though, I am in boulder co where there are no co counselors and I've been having a few phone minis. The first night I cried really hard and then after that I just sort of shut down.

For me that means snatching moments of crying in the bathroom or creating a scene from hell with my co-students and then getting a good cry (plus making them cry, eeek, oops) oh geez I'mgood, right? It's hard to tell sometimes. ... :-)

7:48 AM PDT  

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