Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Banning the-N-word ...

Over at thefreeslave Maxjulian asks us all:
Is the energy to ban the so-called “N” word useful? Could that energy be better spent trying to end the conditions that make black people and other non-whites “functional niggas?”

Visit his site and answer his question!

How do you feel when you read or hear the N word? That's what I want you to feel. I think that's what Max wants you to feel. It's not right. But the conditions that create the existence of that word are not right.

So how are we, as white people, working to end racism?

How, today, is your life different. How is it changing NOW in order to END racism!? Like I said, this is not a guilt trip. You never asked to be born white. You were not born an oppressor. You had to be trained and trained harshly in order to complacently accept this role. You are good.

No, this is not a guilt trip. This is your marching orders.

It's time to face and deeply immerse yourself as a white person in the awakening and reclaiming of your heart and mind. Begin with reading all you can on white privilege. Begin with whining to me NOT to your neighbors of color. Begin with having coffee with the folks of color you tend to ignore. But this is not an experiment--not a one time coffee. This is your new friend-for-life and plan to do it consistently with them. Monthly. Forever.

Yes, you're good. And you've been horribly disconnected from that goodness. Ending racism. It's the white thing to do.


Anonymous Will said...

I appreciate your commitment.

6:06 AM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

thx will, and I yours.

7:35 PM PDT  

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