Saturday, July 29, 2006

If you're having problems with racism we can ask someone to sedate.

I mean, if you want to stop racism we'd have to stop it for everyone! That's just too hard and would cost us too much! Can't you just take a medication or better yet, become a street-drug addict so that way you might end up commiting a crime so we can put you--an undesirable poc--in JAIL! Better yet we could accidentally shoot you or just send you off to fight for our conveniences in another country.

The above comments are what this article at culturekitchen reminded me of. You know, racism exists because of passivity. Passivity gets hammered into us as young ones. In this situation, it was an airline who kept passengers on a plane for four hours so they wouldn't have to pay for the loss of airfare, hotel fees or customer service.

After 2 hours and with the prospect of flying through a storm or tornado, I asked to get out of the plane. Several people asked to be deplane. Not only did the bitch stewardesses look at me and tell me, "well, if you are having problems, we can ask someone to sedate" but they think it's ok to stay on the fucking tarmac for 4 hours. Oh well, you know, to have you get out of the plane, everybody would have to be let go and that would cost us.

What does it cost us as white people to let racism continue unchecked?


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