Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This is a quickie post because I'm so busy right now. I'm at the moment, needing to get ready for work and also do some organizing for a gal who's going to the Black Liberation and Community Development (BLCD) workshop in San Francisco in a few weeks.

I'm excited to be a part of that. As a white woman, this is my way of making that workshop "my own" meaning I'm a part of the community even though I won't physically be present. I get to be close to many people and that is a miracle!

I'm also organizing a team for an event for folks from the privileged group we call "owning class". It's a workshop where we acknowledge the privilege we have through being raised financially well-off or presently being financially well-off, and listen to each other as we work hard to shed our oppressor patterns. Some folks even figure out what's the right thing to do with their money. Whooopee!!

Meanwhile, the real reason I'm writing is the obvious--where have I been???

I'm taking a break from blogging to be more present with my family and to pack and move to our new home in North Portland. Incidentally, it's nice to have my mom visiting from southern California, my 22 year-old son visiting from Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo (he was on the dean's list his first semester there) and my nephew also from so-Cal. They are helping so much around here to get me moved. It's like my husband said about my mom, "She's my fairy godmother."

So anyway, I'm also slurping a protein drink and going to go make some coffee. It's nice to be up before everyone sometimes (altho my husband has already gone to work--he works at OHSU on the cardiac team there) and have this time to get things done or just be quiet.

The latest catastrophe is I accidentally left my handwritten journal at the coast. I hope I get it back!

There's an article in the works in Austin. A reporter called and is writing up a piece on Frontier Airlines and racism. She'll use my blog as a source about what happened to Gilbert Tuhabonye. Meanwhile I've had recent immigrants request their name not be on the blog because they were so concerned about harrassment. I've accomodated that, of course. It's just still a sad thing that things aren't yet set up in a way that non-white non-US folks can feel safe being here--and being visible.

And I don't think it's just immigrants who feel that way.

Hope your summer is going well and please drop me a line! And don't miss me on the radio Thursday July 13 at 7pm, I think. I'll announce it once more. Topic? White privilege and how parents can prevent racist conditioning in their young one's minds.



Blogger L said...

Hi Sea,

It's gonna be Friday, July 14th from 6-7.


8:57 AM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

Thx L.

On KBOO incidentally 90.7 y'all :-)

8:50 AM PDT  

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