Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reading other blogs and wondering what I could possibly add to the conversation.

I was dozing off this afternoon and I was dreaming about white privilege. In my dream it was sort of a huge pattern of white people standing in a crowd. I was in the middle of it and I was thinking and really noticing we all had privilege which other groups (people of color) were not experiencing.

I was sort of vibrating with this notion that something had to be done about it. My first thought was maybe I should leave (the planet) that would be a solution. I then pictured that pattern of white people standing in a crowd together without me there. It was like I was floating up and away from the group.

Then another thought came in. What good would it do to leave? Maybe one less white-privileged footprint but ... I thought, "I should stay and speak out." The tapestry of white folks then had an influence coming from my voice...

Staying would be better. Then I woke up.


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