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Well, this is part of my claim to tofu fame. There used to be link with a photo of me and my daughter cooking.

An LJ friend asked for a tofu recipe after I bragged in a meme that I'd like to cook her dinner.

Crumbling tofu "this is my favorite part."

I lived and worked at a gourmet vegetarian resort for a few years (after being at a raw food veg commune for two years before that.) And I really got a tofu education there from Jane Buck and Susan Straithairn. Then I began teaching classes in Bellingham at the Food Coop. But my biggest fame is with the meateaters who enjoy my tofu!! And of course with my family.

Scrambled Tofu (my kids favorite)

2 lbs firm tofu
a block of organic cheese
onion, chopped
garlic cloves, 4 or 5
onion pwder, to taste
sea salt
nutritional yeast
olive oil

Put chopped onion and whole, peeled garlic cloves in cast-iron (or other) skillet at medium heat. Stir occasionally to prevent over-browning and mash garlic with fork as it softens. Add crumbled tofu and turn heat to med-high. Put in tamari (about two capfuls per pound of tofu used) palmful of basil, some sea salt and onion pwdr. Let the tofu cook out the water and sort of brown. Keep scraping bottom of pan so it doesn't burn. Turn down heat if it begins to stick too often.

At end of cooking (when it's browned a bit and not watery) turn heat to low or off if you're ready to eat and ADD grated cheese, a big handful of nutritional yeast (red star maxi flake is recommended). Stir in and add salt or a little tamari to taste. Serve with veggie bacon and toast and orange juice.

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