Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Let's just say a Jewish woman who is really smart was saying this the other day.

"The word "psychotic" itself grew directly out of the oppression of Jews. Freud was experiencing so much anti-Jewish oppression himself that he could not dare to believe or publicly admit that "Anna O," a Jewish woman, had actually been sexually traumatized by her Jewish father. He had to conclude that her mind was ill and that her mind had made up this story out of nothing. He developed the theory of psychoanalytic psychiatry on that basis---that a traumatized Jewish woman could not possibly be as hurt as she was, so there must be something wrong with her!

The diagnosis "psychotic" is from the Freudian school of psychology so [you are] now being oppressed as a result of the Jewish oppression of Sigmund Freud. There is extreme pressure on Jews for us to think, "there's something wrong with me!"

In fact there is something wrong with society."

Yes, this carries over to gentiles and other groups, imo.

As I wrote earlier:

There's this thing I call mental health oppression. It's very insidious and also real obvious. And it is connected to racism big time. In fact, if we don't stop doing it to each other we won't be ending racism any time soon.

I didn't go into enough detail on this. But a) if white people aren't "allowed" to discharge (for lack of a better word) have sessions / be listened to, our racist conditioning will go unchallenged. If people of color have to shut down their discharge or be called crazy / angry / jail material if you're a black man, imho, they won't well fight racism. We've all seen the un-angry black person who says they don't experience any racism (here in the US) while all around them other black people DO. This to me, in my experience is fear of rocking the boat, not wanting to lose the white friends they DO put up with. They even tell me such in private!

Anyway, mental health oppression shuts down our human potential to be powerful and have the world we want. As I see it. I don't like to use my children as examples so I won't. I'll use myself but that might be a can of worms also. :) I am just saying.

I'm just saying that repressing our biological mechanism of emotional release causes timidity, muddled thinking about what exactly justice is. It allows oppression to settle into our psyches on a day in day out basis.

Okay, another big thing this does is white people saying things like black people are "crazy" because they appear to be louder than what white folks, generally, are accustomed to. This is mental health oppression. So somebody expresses themselves more openly than you were trained to do. You feel a little uncomfortable. The problem is your *feeling* not the other person's way of being in the world.

If we as white people don't discharge our (possibly and yes, often the case) uncomfortable feelings we get around large groups of people of color (and studies are showing that white people seem to think poc's are "taking over" well below the 25% mark in a crowd--sheesh!) then we won't be our fucking intelligent selves we supposedly are! Hello! Do you want your mind or do you want to be a robot?

Do you want rigidity or do you want flexibility? And I'm asking you about your ability to think and communicate and build the society we want with CROSS CULTURAL ALLIANCES! Hello!

And damn if this isn't for specifically the white cool liberals all around me who love to judge each other's parenting styles and turn their noses up at who does or does not use public transportation or who does or does not drive a Prius YET. Or whatever the latest "appropriate" thing to do is--and OF COURSE we're NOT racist. Well

Judge my ass all to hell but if you're not racist then why do you ONLY have white friends and why are you holding chamber of commerce meetings on Alberta Street when there already IS a chamber of commerce on Alberta Street and has been for a long time. Why are you not inviting the black barber on the corner to your meeting who has been in the business district for-fucking-ever?

I'll tell you why. Because racism has prevented you from being able to think clearly about the actual situation you're in. You/us un-racist folks are colorblind alrite! So much so that we're worse than an openly white supremacist. How many poc's would rather sit in a room with a KKK member. At least it's honest. At least it's outfront. Your/my inability to respect, think about, listen to, notice, connect with humans is a problem! We do the same thing to eachother. And that's why we aren't trustworthy. We aren't there for each other as white people and we certainly are not there for people of color. One look at our mo and those same poc's turn the other way! And why wouldn't they?

If you are so fucking enlightened then why is that black people at your meetings are not getting time to speak? Why are your thoughts and YOUR projects always the ones that have to be implemented. Damn. But oh no, racism has not affected your mind.

Do you really want organic and recycled everything and be clueless when it comes to race relations? Because believe me there's a whole lot of cluelessness going on in the white elitist environmental / yuppie movement.

And I don't usually rant like this because I don't want to attack *my people*. I want to *connect* with my people *love* my people, help my people by *example* Well, damn, *my people* aren't listening! They/you turn off the ears when racial talk comes up. Hello. Dear, goodhearted, do-gooders you all. Sorry you're missing some kind of boat. This is THE issue in the world today.
THE issue.

Back to the pot of beans I got cooking. Hope I didn't burn them.

And btw, this is the teaser to the ending anti-Jewish oppression post I'm working on!


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