Friday, May 05, 2006

This is blog for radical fun day.

If you're reading this and you're white, you're racist! You're racist. You're racist. You're racist. You're racist. You're racist. You're racist. You're racist. You're racist. You're racist.

That is, you have been systematically hurt (conditioned) to make it difficult, perhaps nearly impossible, to think clearly about the condition of non-white races living in the United States and in the rest of the world.

What do I do that I just LOVE? Well, I confess my favorite movie forever was the Sound of Music.
I'm Maria and I married the captain...

Not to bore you but I actually have a difficult time having real fun. If I DON'T do blog for radical fun then I'm a racist asshole (in my own mind). So that really motivates me! Yippee!! FUN!! (Whew are we done yet?)

Am I Un-racist yet? (checks out arms) You see, racism has been stuck to me, but it's not me.

Same with the other European-heritage folks reading this. I'm not so different from you. That's why I've decided to talk about how racist I really am. Because, look, I was raised Quaker. QUAKER. That's right. And I was raised to be NICE. Really! But. There was a day about 7 years ago when I got it. That's right say it in unison, "We're RACIST!" Yippee!!

So, when I realized that, I felt really really bad. I mean that just isn't very NICE! And I don't want you to be scratching your head thinking, "I'm just not like her. I'm just not racist!" Help! Mother of Mary! You are SO!!

So, today on radical fun blog day, my joy is telling you, yes you are racist. I mean, you have it--stuck to you just like I do--deep DEEP racist conditioning. :-) Come on! Don't look so friggin sad already! Your friends of color already KNOW! LOL

I mean, they HAVE NOTICED! You're WHITE!

And if you had parents who had a little slack in this area, then you might even HAVE friends of color! That's wonderful! And you've figured out the right tone of voice and facial expressions haven't you? To prove you're NOT RACIST! But hello? (And here's where I can't stop laughing.)

That's very NICE.

I know. I'm going to invent a take-off of the lie detector. It'll be sort of a video game off the movie CRASH. But it will be attached to the subject's cardiovascular system. So, your black friend will be in the car with you and he/she will be simply reaching into his/her pocket. The moment of truth. Is it a St Christopher? Or is it? Only the device I'm inventing will know for sure. A large beep will sound if you have irrational racist conditioning.

Now I've stopped laughing. You just plain-ass can't CAN'T grow up in this society, have gone to public school, watched ANY TV or movies and NOT have racist conditioning growing circles around your each and every brain cell. I'm laughing again.

This is MY blog dammit and if you don't wanna think about how much racist misinformation you'v'e been fed and that if even a FRACTION of that crap came in and stuck to your brain you're dipped, rolled and panfried in racism then turn the page and go on move on. It aint you. You're right. Okay, yeah, (hits self in forehead listening to "comfortably numb" on the sound system).

Hell, and this is a GOOD day at the office.

You're not racist and I'm not on planet earth. Whatever.

I just see people like Maxjulian and brownfemipower trying to wake up us white folks (Puh-lease don't call me a liberal!) us white liberal "non-racist" racists. But, like you runnin away from this blog entry, they can't get us to wake UP! Why? Well, heck, that's why I opened Listening For Change and expect to have a full-on family center within the next five years. People feel like shit about themselves. We can't look at the extent of what has been done to us without blaming ourselves and wallowing in that. Sorry but that don't help either. What better way to celebrate blog for radical fun day than to begin our collective recovery from unaware racism and begin to LAUGH at ourselves.

Not that it's funny. Because racism is not funny. Listen to a few people. But friends, as much as it hurts to hear what people of color go through 24/7 in a country supposedly OVER racism, it actually hurts our asses too! How the hell can it hurt you ask? Can privilege be a bad thing?

I've got reams of essays about what that shit does to us as white folks. We're in hell and we think we're alive. We're numb and the walking dead and we actually think we got soul? hello? Help! I'm on the set of Stepford Wives--but it's my own white family. Can I exaggerate alittle to get my point across. We don't get it that pieces of us are cut off forever? They had to cut it off or we would never EVER BE or go along with RACISM!

So, maybe you can't even tell that you aren't really wholly you right now. Sorry. Man, get a piece of the pie and think it's the whole thing. Fools gold aint gold. Privilege aint privilege. Not when it costs like this does.

So you're a white person reading this. If you say, "Oh fuck yah I dig my privilege." Well that's one view of a racist pattern. So we agree you're racist okay? And if you're a white person reading this and you say, "Oh fuck no I don't got no privilege" then we know you're unaware of your white privilege and you're participating in it and we agree you're racist too. If you're white and you say, "Hell, that privilege is hell. It sucks." Well, then we know you're a lyin sack of shit. Not really. LOL (puts face in hands.) How can I get this across?

I'm WHITE! I wasn't raised to be racist! I never EVER thought of myself as BETTER than anyone. At least not THAT I WAS AWARE of! But here's a little check list to check and see if you might be racist if you still don't beleive me. (That's a racist pattern too by the way.)

1) Do you find yourself interrupting people and finishing sentences for them?
2) Do you "not notice" people of color in line?
3) Are there things you can't say to a person of color because you would suddenly not know what to say next?
4) Do you beleive that SOMEBODY has to be in charge? (of labor of whatever)
5) Do you make a special effort to acknowledge certain people because of their racial background?

There are many more questions like this. And trying to get someone to become aware that they think this way is almost impossible. I consider this a fun experiment.

These questions are based on the racist conditioning (just a tiny tiny slice, a fraction) that WE RECEIVE from birth on in the United States. (We'll talk about other countries next week.)

So, I'm sorry, but if you answered yes to any of the five questions, you probably think you are RIGHT and the answer should be yes. That's how racism has infected your mind.

I know I'll get attacked for this and quite a few people will be frothing at the mouth about how stupid they think I am. Well, to be fair, these racist patterns are actually almost identical to what classism does to us too. Racism is based on illusions. There is nothing about skin color or culture that rationally means one is better than, smarter than any other. But due to classism and some confused folks trying to grab power, these lies have been created and then perpetuated.

So much so that now, even YOU have trouble sorting out what is real. And yes, I'm offering a program for recovery from racism. I offer this both to those targeted by racism and those born into the oppressor role. I didn't start this to become a billionaire--that's what lottery tickets are for.

Gee this was extremely FUN for me! I can't wait til my next blog on how racist us good white folks are!

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Anonymous douglass said...

Ok, that makes sense to me.

Yes, white people receive racist conditioning. It's the type of conditioning that serves to produce the effect of whiteness.

(To prevent racial intermarriage, and to maintain the normative standards of American (white) culture)


'White’ skin is evidence that since the dawn of time, a given person's ancestors have chosen to mate ONLY with whites.

In my narrow mind (Istick up for my side in a fight), reversing that trend is an anti-white cause, as it's practice would result in the destruction of the white race.

But, I can see how agglomerating the genes of the whites with the genes of nonwhites is a just and necessary cause in the eyes of nonwhites who face the consequences of white racism.

But that raises a question.

Does the white race deserve to exist?

11:05 AM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

Douglass you wrote:
"...'White’ skin is evidence that since the dawn of time, a given person's ancestors have chosen to mate ONLY with whites."

Remember there are "white" people of color too. And just for the record I think pink is a more accurate term. I'm pink. :-)

It makes sense to stick up for yourself in a fight.

I'm trying to end racism. That would include genocide.

So, what you may be seeing with many "pink" folks is the genocide of a people within their ancestry. They may grow up knowing they are Native American or African American but they look, pass for, get identified as (however you want to say it) mainly white. They still have the genocide coming at them, often within their own family. It's not that simple.

But anyway your question: I'm a humanist and come from the angle that no human being is born "bad" that all humans deserve to live.

I just know we don't, right this minute, have the resources to counsel the heavy distresses we see in many adults. That's why people are acting out their distress through violence , etc. from my narrow viewpoint. :-) We can develop the attention, the awareness and the ability to set limits and then listen so the person can get a hand with where they are struggling to live cooperatively. I will keep holding out to you that people are good and that actually we are one race of people.

Anyway, I don't have the same question in my mind Douglass, as you do. I don't question whether or not any group of people deserves to be alive.

If people are somehow planning and taking action with genocide in mind, I think they are confused and it needs to be interrupted.

9:55 AM PDT  
Anonymous douglass said...

" I will keep holding out to you that people are good and that actually we are one race of people."

I agree that we are one race, but remember that a human invented the notion of 'good' and that our biological drives might not always line up with our moral idealism.

I wasn't talking about genocide; I was talking about the inevitable path of eradicating the 'racist' mentality of whites, which would be the eventual destruction of whiteness by intermarriage.

After all, why should whites choose to stick to themselves?

What good is does that do other than a half-assed preservation of the cultural heritage of Europe?

Also, I will agree that many of the emotions that create maladaptive behavior are those installed via socialization or those that have been mismanaged.

Some violence is driven by power-lust or cold-blooded calculation that has nothing to do with pent up or unhealthily managed emotions.

Other times, violence is perpetuated under the banner of some holy ideal or notion, or in the name of a beloved nation state or religion, even in the name of all that is 'good'.

I see where you are coming from now, so thanks for bearing with my confusion.

Try your best to preserve the good you see in your work here.

5:32 PM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

Thanks Bud.

It's pretty central to my work that no one would hurt someone else if they hadn't first been hurt and weren't allowed / able to use the natural healing process. So, in that sense I will keep disagreeing with what you said about some people are violent and it has nothing to do with mismanaged emotions. This flies in the face of what it looks like in the world right now. I know.

Yes, it can be a chronic hurt that becomes a chronic pattern that looks like cold-blooded calculation and power-lust.

I still think that if enough of us free up our own ability to be in the present--without a bunch of un-healed baggage from the past, we can figure out how to "be there" :-) for the most chronic such as the Bushes, the serial killers, the folks having some sort of holy war on each other...

Somebody I know who did manage to free up his attention and was very present had a guy pull a gun on him once. He looked at him and said, "I can see you're hurting right now."

The guy broke down crying, whatever, didn't shoot him.

Call me idealist or naive--I know plenty of people right now are addicted to violence. There wouldn't be online porn sites which exchange photos of Iraqian body parts for pornograpyh if that weren't true. I ws reading about that on brownfemipower's site one day. It was disturbing to think about counseling those men when they get home.

I don't have the resource at the moment to sit in a room with some of these people and try to counsel them.

But I still--encouraged by your words to try my best to perserve the good in my work here--have hope in human beings and our ability to end violence, racism, classism. I simply won't do this work alone. That's why I haven't opened the center yet and I am not teaching classes at the moment.

I am building one-on-one relationships and teaching the listening exchange process one-on-one until I have at least several people who can support me and be in my classes as assistants. They will know me very well and they will / are learning to counsel me well.

At some point I'll begin assisting them and having them lead.

I don't know the first thing about opening a non-profit organization, how to get grants. I don't have a degree.

I think for what I want to do, I can have folks with degrees on my board. I do plan to go back to school but for what I want to do it isn't necessary I don't think.

I still have to find that out.

I began writing out of frustration that talking to people about ending racism often got them defensive and they'd stonewall me and shut the door in my face.

I wanted to be able to say what I was thinking about and not have people be so defensive.

It seems that if someone reads something on line or in a book it doesn't feel like a personal attack--which is never what I meant for it to be anyway.

So partly just to vent and say it the way I wanted to. And a place where I could make mistakes and learn.

And to practice writing daily since as a parent it feels impossible to write a book. It's not. It just feels like it is. Blogging regularly lets me see that I could be writing a book. It's just around the corner.

8:51 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:57 AM PDT  

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