Friday, May 05, 2006

Thanks to brownfemipower at womenofcolor blog for this idea. I still haven't figured out something fun to do today though... I know! After I do my errands I can go sit in a coffee shop, eat chocolate and blog about whatever-the-fuck makes me laugh! I won't sit there and sweat over being eloquent, brilliant or really saying what it takes to end racism right this second ... I can try out my Sea meets Sarah Silverman routine ... whatever!

for starters, since brownfemipower started with the confessions and all ...

As a happy EX-Zendik read serious revolutionary--plus raised with the owning-class somber look on my face, playing is MANDATORY! This rip roarin good gal who ends racism wherever her white booty go needs to Puh-Lay! PS: What does fun mean?

God, it's hard to have fun. I'm so fucking task oriented. (That's part of my little racism problem too!)

from troofseekah:

While I was there, first we were all going to play music together, just for fun, a way to come together. Before we even started Arol decided it was stupid to just do it for fun, we should do it as part of the "Stop bitching" tour, we could make CD's. She said a zendik doesn't do anything just for fun, without a reason.

Ouch! Arol! what the hell happened to you? Girlfriend! Get it on and get on some fun woman!

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