Sunday, May 21, 2006

Interesting Statistical Administrivia (at

LFC (username: sea) was third for amount of googles leading to (Nevermind 1st and 2nd were several thousand more hits than me.)

The life of a site is on its statistical pages; but to this day there is not one web metrics or statistic package decent enough to truly be able to measure the influence and reach of a blog.

For one, most metrics programs out there are interested measuring only the number of unique visitors and page views. Visitors and traffic may describe how many people on average visit your site, but it really does not tell the complete picture. How people get to you through the web is as important as the amount of pages being read by a visitor.

I am using some statistical tools created just for Drupal-powered sites. These are still rather unpolished but with them I can see who is linking to us, through which categories or terms people are stumbling upon our site, and even who are the most active members in the site.

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