Thursday, May 18, 2006

sent to me by Allan Hansen, Ph.D. (edited for LFC)

In the latest issue of 'Pediatric News' (Vol. 40 Issue 4, pp.28-29), there is a call to stop seeing the so-called ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) as a mental disorder of the child, but instead seeing it as a disorder of the school system (i.e., the adults around the child).

It contends that the problem is not with the children but with schools that fail to cherish the different ways that young people learn and understand things. This failure, of course, causes distress that is acted out.

The article instead calls for adults to pay attention to the young people and to fix what causes the difficulties. It states that many of the traits that currently cause trouble in an inflexible school school system (and result the children to be drugged) are traits that may lead to success later. The drugs only cover up the problems, they never solve them.

It is nice to see that attempts are being made to align mainstream thinking with what we know at Listening For Change (and Re-evaluation Co-counseling) about young people. What can we do as parents to further encourage this?


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