Thursday, May 18, 2006

by DJPekky

Bill O' Reilly and His Dennounces! (Courtesy of latinopundit
O'Reilly claimed NY Times, other "lefty zealots" believe "the white Christians who hold power must be swept out by a new multicultural tide"

Typical right wing discourse, I say!

Of course we need to wipe out the white privilege, asshole! That does not mean wiping out whites, just to fix the system... Can't you see the difference???

But his paranoia goes to the extreme of media conspiration. I mean seriously!

Media always fight for bias between right and left! *Shakes my head* See, this is the MAIN reason for quitting the school of Journalism. I so don't need shitty turmoil.

But really, brownization of America? Whipping out the evil gringoes as a revenge for the land they took? Too much paranoia! I mean, honestly.

And his fear of loosing white privilege is so damn evident!

Okay folks, this is not about starting to reject people because they are white. It is about looking at powers system, and see how this society can make it fair for others; to appreciate the people for their capabilities rather than for their race or religion. It is not about sweeping up white Christians, but about learning to give opportunities to others based on their capabilities.

MY POINT IS that his argument is very flawed and not well articulated. It does not make me think. It is not persuasive. It is about a guy who is kicking against the prics of the supposedly left liberal media.

Anyway... I dunno if I am making sense, as usual! I think I communicate better when I converse about these things.

But I have a new goal, read, grow in the opinions I form, sharpen my critical thinking skills AND become a pundit! The aim will be slow, but hopefully it will be there!
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