Monday, April 10, 2006

This morning (Monday)there are some things we can do to speak up for our brothers and sisters who have immigrated to this country and who are benefitting us by their presence.

April 10 we can wear white and not go to school (or work) and not go shopping or use public transpo. We can call our politicians and hand out these flyers.

If you haven't seen the movie a "Day Without a Mexican' I highly recommend it. Get situated where you can laugh and cry to your hearts content. Invite a friend over to watch it who is an immigrant even someone you know from Mexico. That's what I did and we both laughed and cried together. Me being the representative of the blonde California naivete's. Yet they see me and I've changed! It is possible!

Or, if you are from Mexico or an immigrant from another country, I hope you'll have a friend to watch it with who you know loves you , values you and sees you for who you are, uniquely yourself, like no other and a gift to this land.


Anonymous Alex said...

Hey mom, a few comments ...

There are a lot of things wrong with the way we deal with immigration: because it is illegal juggernaut businesses are able to pay these workers less than minimum wage, adding to the skewed wealth distribution in America, its also unfair to the immigrants who work hard (and in doing so boost our economy), the list goes on.

How does the problem get solved? Well I get the sense from the email: "just let 'em all in, they're people too!" Well there are problems with that. In Southern California the government is actually promoting themselves (right now) by saying they will be working harder to keep immigrants out....why?

Well the problem is obviously in the economies of the countries from which the immigrants are defecting, namely mexico (for the case of Southern California). If their popluation is free (or more free) to overlap that of the US's, the economy will overlap as well. It's all about the money right? Well I dont really agree with that either, but it is all about having a nice place for children to grow up, a place where streets are safe etc. If immigrants are suddenly given citizenship, word spreads, soon Mexico literally moves to California. Sound drastic? Could be, however a leak turns into a flow. Localized economy damage in those overlap areas bring crime, drugs, etc. This is the reason immigrants will not be allowed legal citizenship (the economy that each of us enjoys).

Why is immigration generally not a problem between the lengthy US - Canada border??

So I say rather than trying to solve a firmly rooted problem with drastic action, focus on helping their economy grow so as to solve the actual problem: countries such as Mexico have very sad living conditions. The reality is those that are working in America are living in luxury when compared to the family members they are sending money to.

Instead of having our nose in Iraq's business, less focus on change between our neighbors.

Let me know what you think...


5:02 PM PDT  
Blogger Sea's Blog said...

I think you have a good point that the economic situation / living conditions in Mexico needs to change for the better. The whole picture needs to be looked at doesn't it?

I appreciate your thinking and how much you care.


5:08 PM PDT  

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