Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The third radical women of color carnival is up at blac(k)ademic. It's awesome! Check it out.

A little LFC reminder. Notice how you feel as you read ... let your tears or laughter, trembling or shouts come out as you read ... write in a private journal for possible sharing ... call a friend you know can just listen and let you process. Don't rush. Thoughtfully join in by commenting to the writers of the WOC carnival ...

In this way, I think, we get to stay connected to each other and not numb out either because we identify as oppressor or oppressed ... we stay with ourselves and get to fully be present ... any painful emotions, when released, I think open the door to our innate intelligence and wisdom of action.

What happened to these two black women--the alleged rapes by duke lacrosse team--never should have and needs to never happen again. If I distract myself from feeling the pain and the rage, the terror and grief I stand a good chance of filing the incident in the "don't think about that" file in my brain.

Feeling it, connecting, lead to liberation--lead to action.



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