Monday, April 10, 2006

Portland Oregon, April 10, 2006
A Day Without Immigrants - Rally
Jobs With Justice, SEIU, and several other human / workers rights groups organized and gathered with thousands (I don't know the count yet) of people to walk from SW 3rd and SW Jefferson to the World Trade Center in Portland today. "Si Se Puede" was heard for miles and many drove by giving thumbs up, honking and waving as the crowds of Latino folks (sprinkled with a couple white people) cheered and chanted. A better sound system would have been helpful at the beginning and end because no one could hear what was going on.

Lucy, with "Latina" written in glitter on her forehead. Her sign saying, "Roses are Red Violets are Blue. Without Mexicans what would white people do?"

Question: When did the problem of illegal aliens start on this continent? Answer: October 12, 1492 Illegal Europeans have been a problem for us for 500 years.


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Vivan los latinos

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