Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Go Gratitude

I'm exploring something. Maxjulian suggests reading these books.

Which leads me to this. The book Ask and It Is Given by the Hicks. Well, it talks about what you want.

What you want.

That is how this blog started. It is to be a vision of the world I want. A world without racism. But that is a negative goal. It is against something. What is the positive side of that statement? A world with closeness between all humans. Cooperation and peace across racial and class lines. A world where there are no lines--at least none that we can't acknowledge and value or else support one another to heal from. Again I'm in a negative description. No something IS what? I made it through a couple of thoughts of what I want. And then I ended up saying what I don't want.

I don't want racism. But the mere act of telling you what racism is keeps focusing my attention on what I don't want. Hell, there's a place for that. And the place is probably now.

But I still want to try this and begin putting my attention on what I do want.

A black mentor suggests changing the name of our monthly meeting "White People Eliminating Racism" to "White People Getting Close to Black People." So we did.

Knowing Barbara Love, that probably has to do with her instructions on "stepping into joy."

As a white ally, altho the shit is all around me and altho I get this privilege, I still get to--to be powerful, need to--resonate with gratitude and joy.

When a tree is cut down the trees around it keep drinking up the sunlight and the water and digging their roots deeper into the soil.

I don't mean when I'm in joy that I stop my work (which will end racism in this century, which will end global warming within the next 25 years). I just mean how to say that in a way that focuses our attention--which is also our power to create something, to expand what we pay attention to--on the thing we want.

Okay so Listening For Change is about closeness between humans. It is about releasing whatever tension is in the way of being close to all humans.

As a result of the above, it is about thinking clearly and acting decisively. It is FOR cooperation, respect and love between humans and between sub-groups within the human family.

And for some reason when we cry together and tell each other our thoughts and stories, we move forward in that mission.

I guess it's because it's a natural healing process. Built-in biological, like breathing, pissing or pooping. Ya gotta emote or ya mind kinda choke.

So, I call it ListeningConnect(tm). And (BitchLab) it's not psychological analysis crap that you need a string of degrees to teach or perform. It's what most of us are trying to do all day long everyday. Get someone's attention and get a chance to unravel something that happened to us way back when. You see it with the one's who keep talking and won't stop. But no one is there to interrupt their recording. They're (often, so often) hoping you'll be the one to interrupt their recording and get in there close.

The ListeningConnect(tm) process just sets up a time and an intention to listen and/or possibly interrupt each other's recordings. (An example of a recording would be "I'm worthless. He/she is worthless.")

More later.


Blogger Maxjulian said...

Right ON, Sistah!

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