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The ListeningConnect(tm) process means becoming diversity counselors for eachother. And encouraging each other to release our feelings and thoughts--however painful, negative or boring--while the listener remains relaxed, confident in us and keeps listening all the way through without advising, stopping our release by "comfort." When we discipline ourselves to tell our peer counselor everything we can remember from the earliest possible time in our lives about people with skin color other than pink. When we tell them the ugliest things we had to hear and release the terror and disappointment that came along with hearing that stuff, we do our own cutting-edge diversity taining. We find a free (no-cost, low-cost, affordable) way to brainwash ourselves. Truly our brains need washing. Racism is--colonization is--in the woodwork folks. It's in your crib and cradle. It's been there all along. Unfortunately you, like an alcoholic, don't feel you have a sickness. You bristle at the mere suggestion that you've been brutally programmed.

And this doesn't mean one or two hours and you're "cured." No,this is something that we've been bombarded with continually for decades and it takes at least a few years of weekly sessions along with building relationships with people of color. You get to see fabulous results within hours yes. But to undo this, you've almost got to keep washing your brain so you can think because the active dumbing down is coming at us at an alarming rate. The ListeningConnect(tm) process helps undo the past misinformation and then the maintenance LC keeps the current exposure to infection at bay.

In my online personal journal I wrote:

I just spent like two straight hours solid the past two days discharging on racism. And it was really smart. I spent a lot of time noticing different skin colors and crying really hard with my counselor smiling at me, holding my hand. It's got to be an inside job. It can't be the surface politically correct stuff. Yes, we need to research what to do and not to do around other cultures, folks from different backgrounds than ours. Yeah, that's part of the job of an ally and friend. Particularly as one from a more priveleged background. Well, but that's not as important as the inner process. (Because you'll automatically figure stuff out if you first discharge/ release emotional tension around this topic.)

We've been infected with racism and our brains need washing.

That's a slice of where my blog's gonna go. I need to blech, barf here get it out. I hate that the coral reef died the Great coral reef in Australia is now a boneyard.

If I'm spending all my time ending racism in this century I may be in for a rude shock when there is not oxygen left on this planet within 50 years. So as of yesterday it's official. I'm ending racism and environmental destruction NOW. They both have to happen at once. I'm crying now because it's so fuckin true that there can be no destruction of the natural world when racism is no more. We are nature. Black folks are nature. One and the same. So possibly I don't need to change the wording of anything just talk about it more fully.

Thefreeslave, (ROCKS!!) wants to open a conference this spring and get everyone together black white red yellow everyone together and plan the state of the revolution. He says he is Malcolm X. He's willing to put himself on the line and speak. He is speaking. He talks like my black friends tell me after I've known them a while. He's saying it all. He's saying how it sucks as a black man to try and befriend us white liberals. We just are so certain we're not racist--and defensive and self-righteous to boot--that we won't do much more than march around in circles with pickets in our hands. Is that really ACTION?

Wild Bill and I were talking (my sexy hot husband--oh and brilliant too.) about the revolution in Europe just 15 years ago. People just stopped. They wouldn't go to work to keep the profit a comin for the corporations. We can do that here. It has to be done. I know I mean well when I support Kerry or go to a peace march and show up but like Maxjulian says, then we go home and think we did something.. That's not an action. A peace march is a morale builder to perpetuate action. It's not the action itself. (It can even make things worse because it then appears we live in a free society.)

Dumbing down of American--yes, it is happening. Not just dumbing down, numbing down but pulling the rug out from under the poorest of the poor and the disabled and the elderly THEN also the middle-class. So, sorry but man everybody seems scramblin to still LOOK GOOD. What? You're dying inside and you're putting on white tennys, spotless shoes, spotless jacket, spotless jeans. To APPEAR to be FINE. Damn. Let's plan this: How we going to support each other and keep eating when we all go on strike and say no more!!!!!

We need to set up something here folks. I know we can do this. And I have an understanding, I get it.

But as far as taking my power back as a female and seeing to it that everything goes well on this planet--I'm a work in progress...

...I need people who will listen to me and not get defensive. Who will actually encourage me to keep thinking for myself not take it personally as if I 'm attacking THEM. I've been getting that but I need a larger group around me.

Maxjulian needs a group around him. He's gathering his team. I'm on it and I'm going to ask him to be on my board for the family center...

Anonymous said:
I admit I have had an easy pleasant life. Please remember that not everyone comes from the places you have been.Therefore, we may look at life differently. Our view may not be as dark as yours. I am interested in your words about "Actions." You seem to fault "liberals" for empty words.
What actions on a personal level do you think an individual should take?
There is an old feminist saying - the personal is political (and vice versa) Most people can not do "great things". They lead ordinary day to day lives. So, what should an ordinary person do? What action that s/he can take will move the world step by step toward a peaceful ecologically sound world?

PS I really don't like the word "racism". I think it's had its day.
people of all groups can be hurtful to members of their own group and to people outside of their group. We need justice and economic equality for
all people not because of their "race" (or gender or national origin or social class) but because they are human.

Dear Anonymous: It seems you have good intentions here. I appreciate you taking the time to read me. You say you've had an easy pleasant life--well, that would be relatively speaking (compared to mine?) and what did I reveal about my "life" in my writing. You got me riled up here I admit...

I beleive you've had privelege but I don't for a second believe you could grow up in this society and not be messed with big-time. I think you're in denial about how brutally you actually have been hurt.

So, when you talk to me like I'm in this "dark" funk which is uniquely my own because of some unnamed thing that happened to me. Excuse me but the same thing happened to you if you're a woman in this country at all. I'm talking about the messages women grow up getting. Just because I'm dramatizing them and exaggerating them doesn't mean something happened to me so much different than what happened to you.

And just the fact that you think you can't do great things is a huge hurt right there! I consider that messed up.


You don't have to like the word racism. Neither do the ones who are targets of it day after day.

If you're a feminist then think for yourself and decide what makes sense. And if you really want to know what I think then read my LFC blog and read the links I have set up there on how to end racism.

The action I think people should take is to listen to eachother and build one on one relationships with people very different from themselves as well as people with the same background.

Through the ListeningConnect(tm) process I think we become more effective allies for one another and are also able to stand up against injustice. But the emotional discharge piece is very key in uncovering our innate intelligence...



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