Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So I'm gathering that this blog thing is about community. And that participating is a huge deal. That, when listening to this sad airport piano music, makes me teary. So, these women bloggers of color who I admire are writing about current events and then often in the sort of personal way. It is making me feel that I hide out in my live journal too much and that more of that stuff should actually be here and in the community blogsites.

I need to sort through this though because what if the fact that I'm a white "liberal" blogger means that I'd be hogging up space somewhere where I really need to just be an accent in the scenery? That was my thought. Shit.

I get to be thoughtful but I also keep getting the affirmation that when I open my mouth and say what I'm thinking my friends, and friends of color in particular, appreciate it.

I need to get away from this music before I start melting into a puddle. It is hard to say goodbye to my kids this time. But it's just for three days.

Liza's post at culturekitchen caught my attention and really moved me.


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