Sunday, February 19, 2006

Things are set up so that most of us are focused on staying out from under the bridge. The second preoccupation is with health.

In that category we are set up to be sick. The drug companies need us to stay sick so we buy more drugs. The drugs create side effects which demand more drugs to keep them at bay--temporarily. Then lo and behold, surgery (!) is "necessary".

Yes, you guessed correctly I've been reading Natural Cures THEY Don't Want You To Know About. It lists many of the cures I've known about since I first began Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Diet Healing System 35 years ago. It's just really good to have someone blow the whistle on the brainwashing that even I have been susceptible to--which make us doubt ourselves and our own natural healing system.

It's so hard to eat whole foods when the supermarkets are loaded with boxes and cans and bottles of processed un-foods and most people eat that way. Plus the organic food is too expensive for many of us. I long for the day when us mainstream folks all get mad as hell and stop letting ourselves be brainwashed and ripped off. When more of us stand up for our right to organic whole foods the powers that be have to take notice. (Does that make sense?)

I did learn some things from Kevin Trudeau's book. The over 1,500 additives in the foods don't have to be listed on the label and many food companies also own stock in the pharmaceutical companies. He asserts that the additives in the food are addictive and actually make you gain weight. The set up is done intentionally to cause symptoms that then in turn need an over-the-counter drug ( or prescription) for relief from. Wham wham. It's "all about the money."

You know my ListeningConnect(tm) operation asserts that people are good and the world is a beautiful place, right? So how do I reconcile that with the greed and murder involved in the medical, governmental, FDA, FTC and food and drug industries? Uh, they are confused and have lost touch with their goodness.

Well, I don't have a whole lot to say right now. I'm going to go walk for a little bit.


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